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by Doug Harvey
Port Stanley Community Input Meeting

Trying to make Central Elgin a better place to live, work and play was on the agenda at the Port Stanley Community Input Meeting hosted by the Municipality of Central Elgin at the Port Stanley Arena on Monday, June 3rd, 2019. If attendance at these input meetings could be a measurement of public interest or dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs then Central Elgin Council must be doing a great job as there was only about 80 people in the room that included Central Elgin Council and staff.

The meeting began with a group of three people that were listed on the agenda to bring their comments before the input panel.

The first person brought forward a possible business opportunity for the Municipality which consisted of some sort of mining operation of precious minerals found on the beach. - More research needed.

The second person brought forward information about a speeding issue on Larry Street that had become a safety concern in the area and was a direct result of an expanding new development neighbourhood. Information concerning a study was also discussed indicating that 85% of the people that used that road were not speeding but was looking for possible solutions to deal with the 15% that were speeding. The subject of a new sewer connection along the older section of Larry Street was also discussed which could possibly force current area residents to switch from a septic system to the municipal sewer system and the resulting increase in property valuation that would lead to a higher property tax bill.

A third person commented on property taxes that are getting out of reach for many people and was looking for possible new ways that Central Elgin could utilize to spread the tax burden and at the same time lower that property tax bill. Owning a 400 acre farm that had a tax bill of $7,900 15 years ago rise to $18,750 in 2019 is a increase that many farmers would have hard time considering farming a profitable business.

Comments from the crowd that were taken on a first come basis that included a wish list of:

  • Street repairs and paving in Orchard Beach - Ongoing as funding allows.
  • Street safety while walking on Currie, issues of speeding, and speed bumps.
  • Changing 3-way stop to 4-way stop at intersection of Joseph St., East Road, Currie Blvd, Prospect St.
  • A moratorium on development in Port Stanley - Central Elgin's current Official Plan position does not warrant or justify a moratorium.
  • Disappointment with Central Elgin's actions during the LPAT Prespa case.
  • Erie St. Speeding, and speed bumps.
  • An AED (automated external defibrillator) for Little Beach
  • Access to Little Beach from Orchard Beach - More research needed.
  • Speeding and Crosswalk issues on Edith Cavell - More research needed.
  • Parking issues Downtown Port Stanley and accessibility parking spots - Repurposing two spots in the Downtown Municipal parking lot
  • Front Street Slope Stabilization - Not yet started.
  • Erie Rest Parking Lot - awaiting approval by KCCA.
  • Carlow Road Access from new Kokomo Development - More research needed.
  • Possible solutions for geese deposits on Harbour lands - More research needed.
  • Updates to zoning standards - Needed updates to Central Elgin's Official Plan first.

As for results coming from all those questions or concerns from this round of Input Meetings, the only immediate solution was to a concern about accessibility parking spots which will be addressed by repurposing two spots in the Downtown Municipal parking lot.

Most area speeding traffic issues have had studies done that have indicated that 85% of road users in the study area have not been speeding and do not require any actions as per Central Elgin guidelines.

Many of the concerns deal with guidelines that are in Central Elgin's Official Plan and best understood from information provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's Citizen Guide to Official Plans.

Next Community Input Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 7th, 2019

Last Updated: Tuesday, 04 June 2019 13:34:09 PM EST

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