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Dutton/Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines
PopUp Sign in Dutton Dunwich
Recent photo of the sign in the yard
of Bob & Rose Leitch in Wallacetown

"Pop-Up Sign in Dutton Dunwich – the 84% Are Angry!"

Pop-Up Sign moves around the community, showing that Wind Power Plant opposition remains very high.

Citizens are looking for ways to show their neighbours, the local Dutton Dunwich Council, the Provincial Government, and the Chicago-based wind turbine company Invenergy, that they are still very opposed to the building of a Wind Power Plant in their community. Over the past few weeks, a large 8 foot by 8 foot sign has been showing up on various front lawns around the Dutton Dunwich community.

Rose Leitch, who hosted the sign this past weekend, so that attendees at the annual Wallacetown Fair could walk by her home and read the sign, stated, "We wanted to have this sign placed on our property as we want people to STOP and take notice and educate themselves as to the real truth about renewable energy and wind turbines in particular." A frustrated Leitch continued, "The role of our premier is to listen to the people she serves, encourage prosperity, safeguard health and welfare, and do so in a fiscally responsible manner. None of this is being done. Premier Wynne has the opportunity to step up and be the leader she claims to be and cancel these turbine contracts."

"Our citizens are feeling very frustrated, powerless, and angry, in the face of the Government of Ontario push to build Wind Power Plants against the wishes of the majority of its rural citizens," commented DDOWT spokesperson, Dave Congdon. "Hosting this sign is one small way they can make their feelings public."

"Wind turbines are monuments to the Ontario Government wasting taxpayer dollars, for un-needed electricity, and ruining our environment while they do it!" said Mike Monnikendam, another angry citizen who hosted the sign last week.

DDOWT expects the pop-up sign to continue to make its way around the community, in the build-up to the final mandatory public meeting, planned by Invenergy for October 25th, 6-9pm at the Dutton Community Centre.


In early 2016, Invenergy was awarded a contract by the IESO, to build up to 20 Industrial Wind Turbines, producing 57.5 MW of electricity, in Dutton Dunwich. Since that time, Invenergy has been preparing their Renewable Energy Application for the Strong Breeze Wind Project, for submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Their final mandatory public meeting is planned for October 25, 6-9pm at the Dutton Community Centre.

Dutton Dunwich Municipal Council has been fighting this project imposed on the community, since early 2014 when a community survey indicated that 84% of citizens were opposed to having wind turbines in the community.

Dutton/Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines or DDOWT - pronounced "doubt", is a group of concerned members of the Dutton/Dunwich community, and supportive partners, who have been working together since 2012 to oppose the development of Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) projects in our community.

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