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by Doug Harvey
Our Golden Years
Photo left-right: Kaleidoscope Cottage owners Charlene Hanson and Suki Held

The golden years is a special time in life when most seniors hope that planning their lives right, saving for retirement, taking care of themselves, and with a little luck that they will avoid a lot of the financial and physical issues that traditionally go along with that stage of life. For some seniors that planned vision of their golden years, the one that took so many years to accomplish can change dramatically due to an illness.

With our aging population about five percent of seniors over sixty-five will be diagnosed with dementia, a progressive disease that will slowly over time adversely affect brain function that will result in a severe irreversible mental impairment. When a loved one falls victim to dementia, care options can be limited for patients in the early stages of this disease and most care giving responsibilities will be assumed by a family member. Being able to serve in this full time position can be difficult and finding an alternate person that can be trusted to fill in when needed might not be possible.

Kaleidoscope Cottage at 204 Balaclava Street in St. Thomas is a new service for the area that offers a safe, supervised environment that focuses on understanding, respecting and supporting the unique preferences of people with dementia. The need for this service was realized by Kaleidoscope Cottage owners Suki Held and Charlene Hanson while working together for Behavioural Supports Ontario.

Understanding why people living with dementia need to be included, be engaged, have choices and control over their day-to-day lives was also the motivation for creating that perfect place to visit that has an atmosphere that not only feels familiar, nostalgic, warm and inviting but is also physically prepared to support perception changes in persons with dementia.

Their philosophy is to provide authentic passionate care in a stimulating environment for respite and social drop-in for persons with dementia and encourage anyone who is curious and interested to come and explore the Kaleidoscope Cottage experience. You just might be surprised!

For more information:

Kaleidoscope Cottage
204 Balaclava Street
St. Thomas, ON
N5P 3E3
Phone: 519-207-4777
Website: Kaleidoscope Cottage
Email: info@kaleidoscopecottage.ca

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