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by Doug Harvey

The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin

Central Elgin Regular Meeting Of Council On Monday, January 13th, 2020

A Moment of Silence was held before the meeting began for all the tragedies that have occurred recently in Iran and Australia.

Roll Call - All present.


Moved by Deputy Mayor Marks and Seconded by Councillor Crevits that Council approve the Addendum to the Agenda for Monday, January 13th, 2020 for the following item ICS 02-20 - Lions Club Dog Park. Carried.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof - Councillor Fehr disclosed that he had interest with CEP 02-20 and By-law 2439.

Adoption of Minutes - Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council dated Tuesday, November 12, 2019 were adopted.


1. St. Thomas Field Naturalists
Bob Johnstone, President, St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club was in attendance to discuss proposed construction of the Hawk Cliff "Knoll" Migration Viewing Pad.

Members of the St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club have been counting and recording fall bird migrations since 1950. An official site coordinator for the Hawk Cliff Hawk Watch oversees the accuracy of the counts and forwards the recordings directly to the Hawk Migration Association of North America. This data is collected into one master database and the datasets from all the different hawk watches create what is called the Raptor Population Index. The RPl indicates the long term trends in raptor populations' right across North America. This information is used by professors and grad students at universities, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Canadian Wildlife Service, citizen scientists doing individual studies of the data along with consultants that would use the data to study the impact of proposed installation of wind turbines for example in any given location. The Hawk Cliff Hawk Watch has provided 69 years of continuous submissions of year over year data sets supporting the important Raptor Population index.

The thousands of birds pass through Hawk Cliff in search for winter food resources that will travel to places such as Texas, Florida and even Central and South America that include:

  • Accipiters: (woodland raptors that have short rounded wings and long tails) Include - Sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper's hawk and Northern Goshawk
  • Falcons: (streamlined birds of prey that have long pointed wings and long tails and facial mustaches) include - American kestrel, Merlin, Peregrine, Gyrfalcon
  • Buteos: (large raptors with broad wings and wide rounded tails) include – Red-tailed hawk, Swainson's hawk, Ferruginous hawk, Rough- legged hawk, Red-shouldered hawk, and Broad-winged hawk
  • Harriers: (slim hawks with slim wings and long tails) Include - Northern Harrier
  • Eagles: (distinguished from buteos by their greater size and proportionately longer wings) include - Bald eagle, Golden eagle
  • Osprey: (single large bird of prey that plunges feet-first for fish) Include - Osprey
  • Vultures: (eagle-like birds often seen soaring high in wide circles) include - Turkey vulture, Black vulture

Hawk Cliff is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and is approximately 100 feet above the lake water level. The migrating birds travel south from northern Quebec and northern Ontario using warm air thermals rising from the heat from the ground. They use the thermals to rise up sometimes several thousand feet and then stream out to the bottom of another thermal and follow the same hip hop pattern. This mode of travel saves needed energy since food sources are not plentiful along the way for such large numbers of birds. When the birds approach the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario they are forced to turn toward the west and follow the shore line since there are no thermals over large bodies of water to assist in their travel. With the aid of northwest winds pushing the birds down to the water and the lack of thermals over the water the migratory pathway along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario and Lake Erie bring the birds directly through the Hawk Cliff area toward the narrow crossing to the United States at the Detroit River.

The current viewing area known as the ‘knoll's an irregular shaped sand hill situated approximately 5 feet above the road level. The height of the knoll is ideal for sighting birds above the height of crops that are annually planted in front of the viewing area. This area has a very rough surface and is somewhat difficult for persons to place their chairs without the possibility of the chair tipping over. Also the same area requires extensive weed clearing each year in order to provide any sitting and standing area.

The proposed viewing pad would be 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep and provide an on surface concrete pad 40 feet wide by 10 feet deep and a further granular pad 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep. This would allow a solid and level area for placing chairs, particularly for elderly participants and visitors. An on surface wheel chair ramp will also allow access that is not otherwise available at the existing knoll.Also the area would not require weed cutting each year.

There are a great number of birders that participate in the daily counts and others that simply come as observers to enjoy the birds. Regulars from St. Thomas, London, Stratford, Mitchell, Guelph, Mississauga and Kitchener participate in the migration count. Many other visitors come to Hawk Cliff from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York State. Visitors have come from many Canadian Provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Foreign visitors have come from England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland,Germany, Norway, Sweden and Australia and New Zealand to name a few. Photographers from National Geographic have also been attracted to this unique location.

Members of the Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders and Monarch Watch have been giving live raptor and Monarch butterfly demonstrations to the general public since 1969. This education program known as ‘Hawk Cliff Weekends', held two weekends during the month of September each year, has attracted hundreds of visitors. The intriguing stories of the raptor banding and migration and the Monarch butterfly tagging and migration draw the many visitors very close to the very nature that surrounds them.

For many years these demonstrations were done from the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road.

During the past three years the St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club has partnered with Thames Talbot Land Trust (new owners of Hawk Cliff Woods), and the Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders, Monarch Watch and Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation. With grant funding resources our partnership has enabled us to provide a large marquee with chairs for the demonstrations as well as provide individual partner booths to distribute information and have direct contact with participating visitors. On-site parking and washroom facilities are also provided. The two day attendance has dramatically increased to between 350 and 400 visitors for each of the two weekends.

The St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club respectfully requests your partnership and support of the proposed construction of the Hawk Cliff Knoll Migration Viewing Pad citing the following specific areas that are contingent on the completion and success of this important project:

  • 1. In light of the fact that the land owner, Mr. Steve Ivan, will not receive any direct personal gain or benefit from the construction of this Viewing Pad we would ask:
    • a) that the Municipality of Central Elgin (MCE)waive the process of acquiring a building permit and any costs associated with acquiring a building permit
    • b) that the MCE exempt the proposed Viewing Pad from being assessed as a property improvement for purposes of additional tax assessment to be levied against the said property in perpetuity
    • c) that the MCE incorporate this proposed project, inclusive of the wheelchair accessible walkway, the 40 ft. x 20 ft. concrete and granular surface pad and the sign under their existing MCE insurance policy for public liability and property damage

Further: since there is absolutely no beneficial or constructive reason for any person(s) to travel or park along Hawk Cliff Road after dark we would ask:

    • d) that the MCE post signage at the north entrance and south boundary declaring that Hawk Cliff Road is not open to public use from 'dusk until dawn'

This measure could well assist in curbing vandalism that has happened in the past such as:

  • a) the burning of a rental Jonny on the Spot washroom facility which had to be replaced by the St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club
  • b) the burning of the cabin on the north trail of the Hawk Cliff Woods owned by the Thames Talbot Land Trust
  • c) the destruction of access gates to the Seed Garden trail and the south west prairie grass field on the Hawk Cliff Woods property
  • d) and would also eliminate the necessity to clean up litter left there by persons who have no care or concern for the adverse effect it has on nature

It is our hope that the Mayor and Council would appreciate how their partnership and support is such an integral part to the successful completion of this important and worthwhile project for Elgin County as a whole.

Mr. Leitch indicated that there was a number of the requests beyond the jurisdiction of Council. The assessment is controlled by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and would be notified if a building permit is issued. One way around that is if you modify your plans so you don't need a building permit. Insurance is not something that we can provide because it's not our property. Insurance applies to only Central Elgin property. Council can't restrict traffic on public roads after hours but can restrict parking to allow police to issue after hour parking tickets. Mr. Leitch also commended Mr. Johnstone for his work on this project and indicated that staff would be available to help make this project a success.

Correspondence (Action)

1. Port Stanley Splash Pad Proposal
Correspondence was received from Port Stanley Splash Pad Committee (PSSPC) respecting a proposal for a splash pad in Port Stanley.

Background - A splash pad is a fully accessible recreation area with water spraying nozzles of various kinds and little or no standing water. They are a safe alternative to swimming in large bodies of water and requires very little supervision. Splash Pads help provide a social community space for parents and grandparents to create a fun family experience. The theme of a splash pad can be used to help enhance a community's residential or destination appeal.

Besides Port Stanley being one of the premiere tourist destinations on Lake Erie, it is also a community that is rapidly expanding. The addition of a splash pad to the area will make Port Stanley all the more attractive to both tourists and new families alike, thus supporting the local economy and new development that is occurring in our village. The committee met with two different splash pad companies that do construction and installation. Each provided quotes and designs to accompany their proposals.

It was decided to proceed with Water Play, as the the quote received from them did not differ largely in price from the other company. Also, Central Elgin does have a working relationship with this company as in 2013, Water Play installed the splash pad in Belmont.

The PSSPC met with Waterplay on several occasions to determine a final design for the splash pad. The design is named "Beach Day” and water features were chosen based on the theme of our fishing village. The size of the splash pad is currently drawn at 18.75 m long by 10.85 m in width.

The estimated cost of the project is $196,392.87 (includes $3,850.00 freight cost and $22,593.87 HST). Cost includes splash pad water features with installation (excavation included) and maintenance training. Not “included is the water meter (usually provided by the town), backflow preventer and services to vault (water service connected to manifold and electrical connection to controller). With respect to water usage, the splash pad is currently estimated to run at 85 GPM.

Editors note - 1 cubic meter = 220.5 Canadian gallons so 85 GPM x 60 minutes = 5100 GPH which equals over 23 cubic meters per hour. 23 cubic meters x CE price per meter at 3.40 = $78.64 cost per hour. For an eight hour day the water used would cost $629.12. For 30 days at 8 hours per day the water used would cost $18,873.

ln determining the ideal location for the splash pad, the committee has examined a total of five (5) different sites: Main Beach (between the basketball court and the washroom changing area), Selbourne Park (beside the skate park), Berm, in Front of the old change rooms East of Mackies, and Little Creek Parkette. Two of the sites (Main beach and Selbourne Park), have all the necessary requirements for the installation of a splash pad.

The preference is locating the splash pad on Main Beach. This location is popular with tourists thus ensuring the splash pad will be heavily used. On yellow and red flag beach days, the splash pad will offer an alternative to swimming in the lake keeping younger children safely out of dangerous waters. The free parking and residential location of Selbourne Park makes this spot appealing for the Port Stanley community.

In conclusion, the PSSPC is seeking Central Elgin Councils approval to go ahead with plans to raise money for and build a splash pad on publicly owned land. As well, for Council to take on the responsibility of maintaining the splash pad once it is built. We would appreciate any advice you can provide in full this proposal and project.

Bernice Willemse-Noels
Director PSSPC

Mr. Leitch commended the Splash Pad Committee for all the work put in to this project so far but indicated that this proposal might be premature due to the ongoing Secondary Harbour Plan and for the need for more discussion on the choice of locations that could be available by the Committee.

A Motion moved by Councillor Fehr and seconded by Councillor Crevits that Council has received from Port Stanley Splash Pad Committee (PSSPC) a proposal for a splash pad in Port Stanley; Whereas Council appreciates the initiative this project can not go forward at this time; Now therefore be it resolved that Council direct staff to meet with the Port Stanley Splash Pad Committee in an effort to discuss the issues of location, et cetera. Carried.

2. 2020 AMO Conference
Correspondence respecting 2020 AMO Conference in Ottawa - August 16 to 19, 2020.

Background - The 2020 AMO Conference promises to be yet another fantastic opportunity to connect with your municipal colleagues from across Ontario. With expert keynotes, concurrent educational sessions, political leaders, over 130 industry exhibitors, and access to Provincial Ministers, the AMO Conference is your one-stop-shop for brushing up on current municipal issues and networking.

A Motion moved by Councillor Fehr and seconded by Deputy Mayor Marks that The Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin approve Council and Municipal staff attending the 2020 AMO Conference in Ottawa from August 16 to 19, 2020 as per established Municipal Conference Policies. Carried.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

A Motion moved by Deputy Mayor Marks and seconded by Councillor Row that Correspondence for Council's Information Items #1 - #20 inclusive be received as information and filed. Items 9 & 10 were removed. The Motion was Carried. Item 9 Banning Single-Use Disposable Wipes was endorsed.

1. City of Stratford/Township of Stone Mills
Correspondence received from the City of Stratford and the Township of Stone Mills advising they support the continuation of the programs of Ontario conservation authorities.

2. County of Elgin
Copy of County Council Highlights for meetings dated December 10th and December 12th, 2019.

3. Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
Copy of correspondence received from Steve Clark, Minister, respecting "Transforming and Modernizing the Delivery of Ontario's Building Code Services".

4. Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Copy of correspondence received from Todd Smith, Minister, respecting "Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy".

5. Regional Transportation
Copy of correspondence sent from Elgin County Warden Dave Mennill and Central Elgin Mayor Sally Martyn to the Honourable Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation, respecting "Regional Transportation - Letter of Support".

6. Single-Use Plastic Handled Shopping Bags
Copy of correspondence received from the City of Woodstock respecting "Ban of Single-Use Plastic Handled Shopping Bags".

7. Port Burwell Area Secondary Water Supply System
Copy of Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (2020 - 2024) for Port Burwell Area Secondary Water Supply System.

8. Aylmer Area Secondary Water Supply System
Copy of Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (2020 - 2024) for Aylmer Area Secondary Water Supply System.

9. Single-Use Disposable Wipes
Copy of correspondence received from the Township of Perry respecting "Ban of Single-Use Disposable Wipes". Endorsed

10. 911 Misdials
Copy of correspondence sent from the Town of Tecumseh to the Honourable Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General, respecting increase in number of 911 Misdials.

11. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Correspondence received from OMAFRA respecting Rural Economic Development (RED) program and submission entitled "Sparta Road Improvements".

12. Development Charges Act
Copy of correspondence received from Watson & Associates respecting "Proposed Changes to the Development Charges Act".

13. Ontario Marriage Licence Act
Copy of correspondence received from the Deputy Registrar General and Director respecting potential changes to the Ontario Marriage Licence Act.

14. County of Simcoe
Correspondence received from County of Simcoe respecting Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Levy (NVCA)

15. Municipality of Thames Centre
Correspondence received from the Municipality of Thames Centre supporting "Continuation of Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Programs of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) and Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA).

16. Conservation Authority Exit Clause
Copy of correspondence received from County of Simcoe and the Township of Huron-Kinloss sent to the Honourable Jeff Yurek supporting the Township of Ramara's request for the province to provide Conservation Authorities exit clause.

17. Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
Correspondence received from KCCA providing Notice of Meeting for Conservation Authority Levy Approval for 2020 KCCA Budget.

18. Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
Copy of correspondence sent from KCCA to CCCA respecting possible shared services.

19. Domus Developments - 34T-CE1901 - Little Creek West
Notice of Decision received from the County of Elgin respecting Domus Developments (London) Inc. - 34T- CE1901 - Little Creek West.

Background - Approval of a Draft Plan of Subdivision in respect to Domus Developments - 34T-CE1901 - Little Creek West was given by the County of Elgin on September 24, 2019. The conditions and amendments to the final plan of Subdivision approval for registration by the County of Elgin applies to the draft plan of subdivision, prepared by CJDL Consulting Engineers and certified by Jason Wilband, Ontario Land Surveyor, dated January 7, 2019 and revised November 13, 2019, which shows:

  • 44 single detached residential building lots ( Lots 1- 19 and 40- 64 inclusive)
  • 39 semi-detached residential building lots ( Lots 20 — 39 inclusive)
  • Blocks 65 and 66 ( Medium Density Residential)
  • Block 67 ( High Density Residential)
  • Block 68 ( High Density Residential/Apartment Building/ Long Term Care
  • Facility/ Retirement Home
  • Block 69 Walkway/ Watermain/ Storm Sewer
  • Block 70 ( Valley Lands)
  • Blocks 71 and 72 ( Daylight Corners)
  • Blocks 73 — 79 ( Reserves)

20. Town of Deep River
Correspondence received from the Town of Deep River respecting "Premiers to Develop Nuclear Reactor Technology".


Central Elgin Planning Office

1. CEP 02-20 Application to Amend Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - 43588 Sparta Line - Ships Ahoy Marine

Background - The applicant applied for a zoning by-law amendment to permit automotive trade as a permitted use on the subject lands. A public meeting was held on December 9th, 2019 at which one person attended but only raised a concern regarding the notice of the public meeting. One piece of written correspondence was received at the public meeting opposing the amendment from William Baker, who lives at 43564 Sparta Line.

Staff have reviewed the correspondence from Mr. Baker and note that his concerns are related to having competition with his own garage/used car sales business located to the west of the subject lands. Competition is not a legitimate land use planning consideration and staff would recommend that Council put little weight on this concern when considering the proposed amendment.

A Motion by Councillor Roberts and Deputy Mayor Marks that Report CEP 02-20 Application to Amend Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - 43588 Sparta Line - Ships Ahoy Marine be received as information. Carried

Chief Administrative Officer

Director of Community Services & Infrastructure

1. ICS 01-20 - DWQMS Infrastructure Review

Background - On October 30, 2019, the annual Drinking Water Quality Management System infrastructure Review was completed. The purpose of this review is to assess the condition and capacity of water infrastructure components with in the Belmont Water System and the Central Elgin Distribution System. The results of this evaluation shall be referenced in future resource allocation. Water infrastructure reviews were undertaken in the past and were used to establish the existing water infrastructure upgrade and replacement program. This DWOMS infrastructure Review is a requirement of Ontario's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard and shall be completed annually.

Staff utilized the DWOMS infrastructure Review Procedure, closely reviewing several documents, reports and activities from each water system looking for capacity or condition issues or in some cases affirming the good condition or capacity of existing infrastructure.

A Motion by Councillor Row and Deputy Mayor Marks that Council of the Municipality of Central Elgin receives and approves the Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) infrastructure Review as per Report ICS 01-20. Carried.

2. ICS 02-20 - Lions Club Dog Park (Addendum)

Background - The Lions Club of Port Stanley had a delegation at the November 25, 2019 meeting of council to discuss its 60th Anniversary and a proposed project to celebrate. The project proposed was a dog park for Port Stanley and surrounding area. The Lions Club requested that a steering committee be formed at which time council elected representatives from council and staff.

Mayor Martyn indicated that she was in favour of a dog park but strongly objected to Lawton Park as being the location of said dog park because Lawton Park has been utilized for the past 16 years as an Arboretum that has over 30 different Carolinian trees. Most of those trees were donated, with many donated as memorial trees making Lawton Park in my opinion an inappropriate place for a dog park. Discussion continued for some time on location, possible alternate locations, service requirements and space needed for the dog park. In the end it was agreed that more details concerning the actual requirements for a dog park needed to be explored and that any decision would have to be deferred. Carried.

Director of Financial Services/Treasurer

Director of Fire Rescue Services/Fire Chief

1. FS 01-20 Monthly Alarm Activities Report (December/19)

A Motion moved by Councillor Roberts and seconded by Councillor Row that Report FS-1-20 December 2019 Monthly Alarm Activities Report be received as information. The Motion was Carried.

Director of Asset Management & Development Services

1. AMDS 01-20 George Street Drain Outlet - Soil Characterization

Background - The George St. Municipal Drain is located north of George St and west of Kettle Creek in Port Stanley. The drain was constructed in 1970 under the authority of the Ontario Drainage Act. The drain is comprised of approximately 454 lineal meters of open ditch and 1189 meters of closed sewer pipe ranging in size from 250 mm to 750 mm diameter. The drain provides a storm outlet for approximately 111.8 acres within Port Stanley. Appended to this report is plan outlining the location of the drain as well as the drainage area of the lands contributing water to the drain.

We would note that the majority of the open ditch section of the drain flows through the industrial land currently owned by Ultramar. As a result of legacy use of these lands it has been identified that there is contamination of the outlet section of the drain with Petroleum Hydrocarbons and PAH's. As a result of this legacy contamination, the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) have studied the sediments at the outlet as well as in Kettle Creek on two different occasions. in 2009 and again in 2010 the MECP conducted field sampling of the sediments of the open ditch outlet at Kettle Creek as well as the sediments of Kettle Creek at the outlet of the drain. The results of these studies identified the existence of soils contaminated with PHC's and PAH. However, the MECP staff are currently of the opinion that these contaminated soils have been stabilized as a result of non~ contaminated sediments overlying the contamination and thus providing a barrier. Staff can advise that MECP have conducted field visits since these studies and while they are concerned with the contaminated sediments being present they are relatively comfortable that unless disturbed they are not an environmental or health concern.

The George St. Drain is the storm outlet for the lands north of George St. that is currently being developed. As a condition of development, the municipality requires the developer to provide on site storm water management. This storm water management will require the developer to construct an onsite storm water management pond whereby all storm water from the Wastell Development will be directed to the storm water management pond to provide quality and quantity control. From a quality perspective, the pond will remove any suspended solids from the storm water runoff before being discharged to the George St. Drain. From a quantity perspective the pond will control, store and slowly discharge the increased storm water runoff that results from developed land. Generally, the stormwater pond controls the runoff from developed land so that velocities of storm water in the receiving system do not exceed the velocities that occurred prior to development. The municipality's standard is that storm water management pond is to be sized to accommodate the runoff from the site for a 1 in 100-year storm event and discharge it to the receiving course in a controlled flow and velocity. By doing this it does not tax downstream drainage systems and reduces the potential for any downstream erosion of open water courses. The pond for the Wastell development is designed to accommodate a 1 in 250 year design storm. This design parameter will increase the size of the proposed pond, which will in turn provide an increased level of control in excess of the municipality's design criteria.

Through the design process municipal staff have met with the developer's consultant and a contingent of staff from the Southwest Regional office of MECP on 3 different occasions to discuss the potential impact of the development drainage being directed to the George St. Drain and any existing contamination. MECP is recommending that the outlet of the George St drain be realigned so that the outlet of the drain is not in proximity to area of the contaminated sediments which currently exist. Staff would also note that the physical open channel is not in the location of the designed outlet as outlined in the drainage report. This does raise some concerns with municipal staff since the municipality is required to maintain any municipal drain as per the approved drainage report. The parties have physically attended the site and it has been agreed that the most responsible way of moving forward is to undertake further field soil sampling to determine the current levels of contamination and delineation of the contaminated area in the outlet section of the George St. Drain. Once this has been completed a further assessment will be undertaken to determine the potential impact for the realignment of the existing 20 meter section of open channel where it outlets into Kettle Creek.

Staff have obtained a detailed work plan from Stantec Consulting to complete the onsite sampling and delineation of the contaminated area as well as the proposed realigned channel. Staff sought a price from Stantec due to the following:

  • 1. Their experience with other contaminated sites in the immediate area as a result of PAH and Petroleum Hydrocarbons.
  • 2. Their ability to turn the project around in a timely manner
  • 3. Stantec's ability to act independently of upstream property owners (Ultramar is currently undertaking a phase 2 environmental study for their lands with another consultant)

Once this information has been obtained, further design work and costing can be completed for the realignment of the 20 meter outlet channel. This realignment would then allow the drain to be in conformance with the existing drain report as well as potentially divert the channel away from the contaminated sediments that are of concern to MECP and municipal staff. The cost to complete this work is $32,900 exclusive of HST. We would note that in the interest of being able to move forward with obtaining approvals from MECP for the Storm water outlet for the new Kokomo Subdivision Wastell is prepared to pay 50% of the cost to perform the sampling and delineation of the contaminated area.

If Council approves this work going forward, we would anticipate having a report back to the municipality by end of February 2020.

A Motion by Councillor Fehr and Seconded by Councillor Crevits that report AMDS 01-20 George Street Drain Outlet - Soil Characterization be received as information; And further that Council approve engaging Stantec Consulting to provide engineering services for the characterization and delineation of contaminated soils at the outlet of the George St. Municipal Drain for a total cost of $32,900 exclusive of HST. Carried.


A Motion moved by Deputy Mayor Marks and seconded by Councillor Roberts that by-law 2438, 2440, 2441, 2442, and 2443 be taken collectively. The Motions were read a 1st, 2nd, 3rd time and finally passed.

A Motion moved by Councillor Roberts and seconded by Deputy Mayor Marks that by-law 2439 be taken separately. The Motion was read a 1st, 2nd, 3rd time and finally passed.

1. By-law 2438 - Confirmatory By-law

2. By-law 2439 - ZBA, Ships Ahoy, 43588 Sparta Line

3. By-law 2440 - 2019 Drain Repair and Maintenance Costs Collection By-law

4. By-law 2441 - Appoint Audit Firm for 2018 to 2022

5. By-law 2442 - 2020 Interim Tax Levy, Penalties, Interest of Non Payment & Instalment Dates

6. By-law 2443 - 2020 Temporary Borrowing By-law

Public Notice


New Business

Deputy Mayor Marks commented on how he was made aware of marijuana being grown at the city airport and of a person in the area that is allergic to marijuana.

Closed Session - Council went into Closed Session at 9:17 P.M.

1. CS1 Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239)(2)(d)) - Recruitment

2. CS2 A Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land (s.239(2)(c)) - Fernie Street

3. CS3 Closed Session Minutes

4. CS4 A Position, Plan, Procedure, Criteria or Instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the Municipality or Local Board (s.239(2)(k)) - 467 Sunset Drive


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