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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters Kettle Creek Levy increase 7% for 2019 - How does this happen???

October 19, 2018

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority Levy Increase 7% for 2019.

David Marr sits on this board. His last stick it to you!! I hope he never gets !! 5 days before the election!!

17th Oct 2018, If you get the chance, read this.


View page 9

Marr voted in favour to increase the KCCA budget by 7% for next year.

He sat on the budget committee to make this happen.

Way to go, to give the last screw-you to the citizens of Central Elgin.

I ask this! did anyone viewing this page, get a 7% increase in wages this year.

I know I didn't.

But yet Kettle Creek gets 7% increase in the levy added to your taxes courtesy of David Marr. He voted last year to give them 7% too......

Thats an increase of 14% over 2 years. Thats a lot of money!!!!

Thank You David Marr.

Maybe he should read page 63 of the Kettle Creek Lakeshore Management Plan.

Thats where we loose 34 million dollars worth of houses into the lake in the next few years.

How can this happen????

Kyle Cronk Third Party Advertiser Central Elgin

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