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by Doug Harvey
Giving Up The Ghost Review

The World Premiere of "Giving Up The Ghost" by Arlin Dixon and Matthew Gorman is a slower paced comedy with plenty of mystery that is now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre from July 5th to June 20th. The story begins at the Christie House, the former residence of Mr. Christie who donated this classic as a museum that must be operated under some very specific conditions, but now could be torn down and become just another parking lot.

Lorna Wilson who plays Aggie the museum's long-time curator, and Mark McGrinder as Harold the caretaker set the stage early in the play to a secret that takes awhile to come out. Jeff Dingle plays Zac, the modern day Ghostbuster that got a permit to do a paranormal study at the Christie House is looking for the anything out of place to rebuild his career. Iian Stewart plays Eric the grandson and Tracey Beltrano as Sally Eric's girlfriend come into the picture with a plan to save the museum.

The charm of this play is that once you think you have it all figured out, that changes, and has been there in the picture right from the beginning. For a first show performance, the acting was very good and the dedication to this craft, "The Show Must Go On" became abundantly clear when an actor slipped on the stairs and came crashing down. There was a slight pause in the program and then everything went back to normal as if nothing ever happened. Now that's true grit!

Credit must also be given to director Simon Joynes for this pulling off this comedy mystery and to Joshua Quinlan for Scenic Design that created that true to life "Christie House" stage. Credit also goes to stage manager Jory McLean and apprentice assistant stage manager Darius Hahn for organizing stage operations, and to Karen Crichton for the lighting design, Zachery White as a sound technician, Alex Amini for costume design, and a special thanks goes out to Scotiabank as show sponsor.

"Giving Up The Ghost" runs from July 5th to July 20th, 2019, and it's a must see show that you will want to remember the next time your planning a trip!


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