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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Crime Watch Weekend Round-up-11-13-2017

St. Thomas Police Service
Weekend Roundup11132017

Close Call

A St Thomas resident was almost the victim of a fraud after trying to secure a loan via Facebook from The resident provided personal information via this website which was used to access a personal banking account. Luckily a bank employee recognized the attempted crime and no money was exchanged. This is another example of the dangers of providing your personal information to unknown parties especially over the internet.

Warrant Sought

27 year old Ashley Groves is wanted for theft and breaching a condition of her release after she left a local grocery store with a cart full of merchandise and didn’t pay for them. When officers went to her last known address regarding the theft, they discovered that she no longer resided there as per a condition of her release from a previous theft charge. A warrant will be sought for her arrest.

You Can Run But…

A 50 year old male was in a local grocery store Friday night when he left with a cart full of merchandise and made no attempt to pay for the groceries. When he was stopped by a loss prevention officer, he fled. He was caught a short distance away and arrested for theft and for failing to comply with a condition of his probation. Ronald Hodgson was held in custody awaiting a show cause hearing.

Suspended Driver/Impaired By Drugs

On Saturday police responded to the parking lot of a local bar regarding calls to 911 for a possible impaired driver. When the police spoke to the 24 year old driver, it was determined that his ability to drive was impaired by drug. Dillon Helmer was released to a future court date charged with Impaired driving, driving while suspended and other provincial infractions.

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