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Cst. Joshua Cunningham, OPP
OPP  HuntEtiquette

The Guide for the Modern Southern Ontario Hunter

Wellington County, ON - This time of year brings outdoor enthusiast into the area including those who like to hunt. For those, we bring you this small list of "Hunt-Etiquette"

  • 1. For every weapon there are specific acquisition and possession codes. Always follow these codes for the weapon you carry.
  • 2. Be sure of your game, your zone and your date. Always follow the Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines to what, where and when certain animals can be taken and always ensure you have properly registered for tags and/or licences and are following those rules.
  • 3. Always have permission to access property. One of the biggest complaints against hunters is trespassing. Never hunt in an area where you don't have permission; multiple hunting parties and unknown terrain can be deadly. If you do find yourself entering private property to track a wounded animal do whatever you can to make it known to anyone else your intent.
  • 4. If you are in charge of a property, be courteous to you neighbours and inform them of the hunting activities. This will prevent any surprises or calls to police.
  • 5. Always, always, always be aware of what's behind your target and shoot in a safe direction. It's not uncommon for police to receive reports of stray bullets that have the potential to kill. Please, before you pull the trigger or release the bow, know where your shot could end up. Also know that you will be held responsible for every shot you take, right down to the smallest pellet.
  • 6. Have a start and finish time and location, which follows regulations, and let someone know. This way if you fall into trouble a search can be quickly started.
  • 7. Have a backup plan. This includes methods of removing game or dealing with an injury.

This is just a small list of thing hunters can do to ensure their hunting season is a safe and prosperous one.

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