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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Regional Minority government: good news for bargaining and Phoenix damages


Public Service Alliance of Canada | Alliance de la fonction publique du Canada
Minority government good news for bargaining and Phoenix damages

Ottawa, Oct. 22, 2019 - Canadians said no to Andrew Scheer, and that is good news for public service workers and the millions who depend on important services from the federal government. The Conservative Party's billions in proposed cuts to government staffing and operations were rejected by a large majority of Canadians.

With a Liberal minority government in place, PSAC will fight to ensure Justin Trudeau makes good on his commitments to the public service. In his first mandate he refused to deliver compensation for Phoenix, or a fair contract for 140,000 PSAC members.

"With the Liberals reduced to a minority, PSAC members are in an even stronger bargaining position as it becomes all the more important for Mr. Trudeau to settle collective agreements and bring stability to the public service," said PSAC president Chris Aylward. "But we're taking nothing for granted – if a new government won't come back to the table with a fair offer, we'll continue to mobilize towards a potential strike."

In the last Parliament the Liberal government proposed 5 days of cashable leave as compensation for the first 3 years of Phoenix - an amount that was not only meagre, but also favoured workers with higher salaries at the expense of those who earn less. Trudeau also failed to provide a decent economic increase to thousands of workers who have been at the bargaining table for over a year.

"I hope Justin Trudeau got the message – when he takes people for granted, there's a cost. And it will be true again if he continues to ignore the workers who protect our borders, keep our food safe, and provide the support that millions of Canadians depend on."

Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 October 2019 12:02:31 PM EST

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