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St. Thomas Police Service
STPS  Counterfeit Money Tendered

February 23rd, 2019 - On Friday February 22nd, 2019 the St. Thomas Police attended a local pharmacy in regard to counterfeit money, which was tendered the previous day. Police viewed the two – $20 Canadian bills and confirmed they were counterfeit. The bills were seized and sent to the RCMP.

The St. Thomas Police would like to remind merchants and citizens to remain vigilant when accepting any denominations and verify the bills are not counterfeit.

How to spot a fake:

If you receive a $20, take a close look.

  • Look closely at the hologram to make sure the denomination matches the denomination on the banknote. The “hologram” of recently circulated fake currency is blank
  • Feel the bill; counterfeit currency is rough whereas the authentic polymer bill is smooth
  • Ensure that the edges of the bill are straight and that it has the same dimensions as other bills; fake bills are often poorly cut and are not of uniform size
  • Images on the bill should be crisp and well-defined; the images on counterfeit bills are sometimes unclear

You can find more security features on authentic $20 bills by checking with the Bank of Canada.

What should you do if you think you're being given a fake $20?

If you suspect you are being given a fake bill during a transaction, you should:

  • Politely refuse the bill, explaining that you believe that it may be counterfeit
  • Ask for a different bill (check that one as well)
  • Advise the person in possession of the bill to check it with the bank or the police
  • Be polite when asking for an alternate bill, as the person who is handing it to you might be innocent and not even realize the bill is a fake. You should only ask for a new note if you feel that doing so won't put you at risk.

If you suspect a note is counterfeit after a transaction, check the bill with your bank or call the police department. If it's real, you'll get it back.

Once a fake bill has changed hands, it's the responsibility of the current holder to turn it in to the bank or police. Unfortunately, you won't be reimbursed for it. The best defence against this kind of fraud is vigilance during transactions.

It's also illegal to knowingly continue to use counterfeit currency.

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