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byDoug Harvey
Prior Municipal Drain  Branch C

Public Meeting - Drains on Monday, May 28, 2018

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof - None disclosed.

Prior Municipal Drain - Branch "C"

The purpose of the meeting was to review the process to date, discuss the technical aspects of the engineers report only. At the last meeting on March 26, 2018 it was determined that there were property line adjustments due to a severance that needed to be considered. Changes to the report have been made.

Henry Huotari from Parsons Inc. was in attendance to discuss details of the Prior Drain that runs along Fruit Ridge Line in the Municipality of Central Elgin. The Municipality installed some catch basins and pipe systems some time ago on Fruit Ridge Line and outlet them on private property into a ravine, which led South to the Prior Drain. Unfortunately these systems were installed without legal status under the Drainage Act which has led to erosion issues on private property that was brought to our attention by landowners. We are here to remediate those issues and provide legal status for the Drain.

The proposed design to alleviate erosion issues on the McQuiggan property will involve the reconstruction of the tile outlets through a gabion basket headwall. Sub-drain will be used behind the headwall to capture any excess surface water that percolates through the granular backfill behind the headwall. The clay tile will be connected to a new corrugated plastic pipe and this will outlet through the headwall. Any overland flow will spill over the headwall into the stream channel. The channel immediately downstream of the headwall will be reconstructed and an erosion control blanket will be placed to a distance of approximately 20 meters downstream of the headwall. The natural channel and tile drain will be incorporated into Prior Drain Branch 'C'.

Geotextile and rip rap shall be placed at the second catch basin outlet to mitigate the erosion that is occurring. The catch basin outlet will continue to as overland flow until it connects with the natural channel.

The proposed ditch along the property line of Lots 17 and 18 will be cleaned out, widened and the side slopes will be reconstructed and berms installed to facilitate better drainage and minimize future erosion. The ditch will be extended to connect with Prior Drain Branch ‘B’ via overland flow paths through the treed swamp at the south end of the ditch. This ditch/open drain was designed to convey, at a minimum, the 2 year storm flow of 178 l/s. This ditch shall provide sufficient outlet for the road authority drainage and all lands connected to this drain. This proposed ditch shall form the part of Prior Drain Branch 'C'.

There were no questions from any affected landowners or Council members, the meeting was adjourned, and a provisional By-law concerning Prior Drain Branch 'C' will be placed on a future agenda for Council's consideration.

The total cost for this project is $76,047.58 which includes all administration, construction, and engineering costs.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2018 09:06:59 AM EST

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