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by Doug Harvey
Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan January 2020 Open House

January 15, 2020 - It was a busy evening for the presentation of Port Stanley's newest edition of its Harbour Secondary Plan. The arena was filled with concerned citizens eager to find out more about what new vision this ever evolving plan may offer. Creating this long term vision and plan to repurpose the Port Stanley Harbour lands and plan their integration with adjacent waterfront areas in Port Stanley has been a Central Elgin priority ever since the divestiture of the harbour to the Municipality on September 8, 2010. What happens in and to Port Stanley's Harbour has been and will always be the most difficult task to date to get right.

The newest plan builds upon previous editions to hone in on land use designations, policies and provide a guide with step by step planning and offering location recommendations for specific land uses, such as parks, recreation, retail and tourist commercial, both primary housing and second or vacation homes and infrastructure investment.

Using a "Harbour Vision" guide that visualizes Port Stanley as a vibrant community with a unique character, beautiful landscapes and beaches, with a strong sense of community, and as an active commercial fishing village that is valued by its residents and enjoyed by its visitors.

Having hope for a future with a waterfront that will continue to be publicly accessible, with a range of facilities that support passive and active recreational uses which serve the existing and future residents and visitors. Important views of the lake will be maintained and enhanced through the sensitive design and careful planning of new development on the Harbour lands.

Thoughtful repurposing of the Harbour lands to leverage the assets of the Port Stanley community while still providing new opportunities for year-round amenities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Provide new facilities that will support healthy, active lifestyles of existing and future residents and visitors. Port Stanley Harbour will celebrate its history as an industrial port and will maintain and support its active commercial fisheries.

New uses that will support sustainable options for people to live, work, shop and play in Port Stanley. New uses that will also enhance the choices available for accommodations within Port Stanley, including housing encompassing a range of affordability, shorter stay accommodations for visitors, and new retail uses to serve the needs of the community and visitors. The development of the Harbour lands will be planned with a range of uses to be financially self-sustaining with revenue generation as a focus for the long term. The Harbour Plan area has the potential to accommodate ±1600 people by 2041.

Land use for the Harbour is planned to be split into 30% for residential uses such as Low-rise 4 story apartments with ground floor retail or service commercial and a 6 story Hotel/Conference Centre. Community Facilities will occupy the other 70% which includes a waterfront pedestrian promenade and bike path, park, open space, vehicle access and public parking. By following the current plan it is anticipated that after all Municipal services, roads, etc. have been installed and all associated plans, planning fees, etc. that get added to this project, that it will cost the taxpayer nothing, in fact will supplement Central Elgin's coffers by $45,000.

During the final question and answer period of the meeting it was clearly demonstrated with concerns like pedestrian crosswalks, not enough parking in the right places, too many buildings, storm water control issues, buildings too high, regulations for short-term rentals, and talking about the cultural transition of the Port Stanley Community, that although this edition of the Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan has come a long way, there’s still a need for a wee bit more.

Last Updated: Thursday, 16 January 2020 11:22:29 AM EST

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