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by Doug Harvey
Port Stanley Community Policing 2017 Easter Egg Hunt
photo - Priceless

Despite the inclement weather, and road construction in the area, the Port Stanley Community Policing Easter Egg Hunt followed established Port Stanley tradition, children engaged in a frenzied hunt for eggs - of the Easter variety and chocolate kind, that is.

Before the Easter Egg Hunt begins Stanley Rabbit, representatives from the Port Stanley Community Policing, hosts for the parade and Easter Egg Hunt, children and their parents and grandparents all meet at the Port Stanley Library for 10:15 a.m. Today with the rain coming down in buckets, it was a honour to witness the drive and determination of one of the biggest crowds to celebrate the Port Stanley Community Policing Easter Egg Hunt. Shortly after 10:15 a.m., armed with umbrellas, and wearing raincoats, children, parents, and grandparents joined the parade across the King George lift bridge with Stanley Rabbit leading the way to the Port Stanley Legion Cenotaph Park. When they got to the park they found scattered painted rocks all over the lawn, with the park entirely roped off with yellow crime scene tape by the Elgin County Detachment of the OPP.

The roped off park tested the patience of most children, as a Port Stanley Community Policing member welcomed everyone to this years Easter Egg Hunt. As the countdown started, small children strained at the tape in anticipation. When the countdown ended, the Port Stanley Community Policing member cut the tape and the mad dash was on, with children running everywhere to collect the painted rocks. No rhyme, no reason, no pattern, no logic - just a darting in any direction the eye caught a glimmer of the prize. When all the rocks have been collected the kids turn them in to the Port Stanley Community Policing members to be traded for real chocolate eggs.

This is where the Port Stanley Community Policing produces their magic trick each year of turning painted rocks into chocolate Easter Eggs. Regardless of how many coloured rocks a child had gathered, even if they had not gathered any, they got to trade in their basket of rocks for a lovely basket of fully edible Easter goodies. Stanley Rabbit was in the thick of it, with children waiting to greet him and the odd one corralled by a parent for a quick photo op.

After the hunt many of the children get their fingerprints done by the OPP. Many parents also treat their children to the Easter Bunny Port Stanley Terminal Rail Train following the hunt in the park. Easter Bunny trains run this weekend, as well, so keep you eyes on your chocolate eggs in case the egg snitch is on board that train. Happy Easter!

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