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by Doug Harvey
Live Fire Training

Being a firefighter is job that takes plenty of training to face the random dangers that might exist on that next 911 call. The challenges to make that right split-second decision can mean a success or disaster for all those involved in that emergency situation. Time is their enemy, and for every second that passes without having gained control of the situation, an increased risk to property or life becomes more and more a reality. Plenty of classroom training and practise simulations are a way to forge the knowledge and build the necessary confidence of a firefighter when put in an emergency situation.

In conjunction with Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC), Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services was conducting a two day Live Fire Training exercise at the St. Thomas Airport this weekend. With 40 of our Firefighters taking the training, the first day will review 14 modules that cover every facet of LPG emergency management, including ERAPs and regulations, the Emergency Response Guide, LPG products and their characteristics, cylinders and tanks, LPG trucks and transport, rail transportation, water flow requirements, gas detection and Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosions (B.L.E.V.E.). Through the day a review of commonly encountered LPG emergencies as scenarios will be encountered. These four scenarios will require firefighters to work through the strategy, risk mitigation, planning, problem solving, decision-making, and incident action plans and offer necessary tactics to safely manage the emergency situation.

The second day of training is entirely hands-on with multiple LPG live fire props used to simulate situations encountered in the field. Live fire is conducted in accordance with NFPA 1403. The practical will include:

  • BBQ fire emergencies
  • Motor vehicle fuel tank fires
  • Building service meter flange fires
  • Cylinder or tank fires
  • Activation of pressure relief devices
    • Students will practice under live fire conditions:
    • Co-ordinated approaches with fire streams

Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services would like to thank Dowler Karn of St. Thomas for their financial assistance, including the equipment and propane for this 2 day event.

"The LPG Firefighting Training program offered by ERAC is another step in keeping communities and first responders safe from incidents involving LPG. We are thrilled to see ERAC and the propane industry, spearhead LPG training for firefighters." Stephen Hernen, President, Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC)

Last Updated: Sunday, 09 April 2017 20:28:43 PM EST

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