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by Doug Harvey

Central Elgin Public Meeting for Planning Applications for Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Public Meeting - Planning Application

1. 7:30 p.m. - Zoning By-law Amendment & Draft Plan of Subdivision - Domus Developments Inc.

Legal Description: Lots 61 and 62 and part of Lot 63, Registered Plan 11M-31, and Part of Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 and part of Amelia Street, Registered Plan 24, Former Village of Port Stanley, now Municipality of Central Elgin.

Domus Developments
Domus Developments

Background - The subject lands are located west of East Road and south of Hill Street in the Community of Port Stanley. The proposed development encompasses 12.32 hectares (30.44 acres) of land and provides for the development of 49 lots for single-detached dwellings; 19 lots for semi-detached dwellings (38 units); 2 townhouse blocks consisting of 52 and 36 units respectively (Blocks 69 and 70); 1 block for an apartment dwelling containing 68 units (Block 71); 1 block for a residential development geared to seniors to include possible long term care facility, retirement home and/or apartments consisting of approximately 120 units (Block 72); 1 block for a walkway, services and storm water management (Block 73); 1 block for natural heritage (Block 74); 2 blocks for daylight corners (Blocks 75 &76); 7 blocks for street reserves (Blocks 77 to 83); and 1 new street (Street “A”) which will loop through the development and align with existing intersections at East Road/Old Field Lane and East Road/Erie Heights Way.

Erie Heights Site Plan
Erie Heights Site Plan

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment

The application is in relation to Draft Plan of Subdivision File No. 34T-CE1901 and is proposing to rezone the area identified to permit the construction of a range of residential dwelling uses and an Open Space use. Specifically, the applicants are proposing to rezone the lands to permit 49 lots for single-detached dwellings; 19 lots for semi-detached dwellings (38 units); 2 townhouse blocks consisting of 52 and 36 units respectively (Blocks 69 and 70), and 1 block for natural heritage (Block 74), as the current zoning only permits uses lawfully existing as of the date of passing of the by-law.

Mid-Rise Building
Mid-Rise Building

Public Meeting

The Public Meeting for this new proposed Erie Heights development situated along East Road in Port Stanley had a somewhat smaller crowd than for other new multi-story development meetings. Many local residents had the opinion that this new development would just add to the on-going issues of drainage, congestion, traffic and safety issues in the area that haven't been dealt with to date and were asking for solutions.

Some residents seemed pleased that sidewalks would be installed along East Road from the park to the corner of Dexter Line, but others had road safety concerns with people speeding, even passing and racing along East Road and were in desperate need for any kind of traffic calming measures to make it safe for children in the area.

Residents in the older sections of the area that have septic beds were informed that because of the new development sewer lines will be installed along their streets with sewer connections for each home to be available at a yet to be decided cost.

Before the Public Meeting several people said they were having second thoughts about why they moved to Port from the big city, because with all this new development Port Stanley seemed to have lost it's "Village Charm" and was looking more like a suburb of Toronto.

The possibility of some residential development geared to seniors seemed promising to some, but the lack of public transit to services not available in Port Stanley, and the difficulties encountered from just walking from the proposed seniors residential development on the hill to downtown Port Stanley seem to be an significant issue for others.

As with all Public Meetings, Council will take all public input for this development into consideration, and the actions of Council on this Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment will be considered at a future meeting of Council.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:52:59 AM EST

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