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Southwestern Public Health
Beach Postings for July 24 2018

Southwestern Public Health conducts weekly water quality testing at public beaches from June - Labour Day.

Beach water quality results are updated each week in the tables below and will be posted on Southwestern Public Health’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

How to read the beach water sampling results:

RED = High levels of bacteria may pose a health risk. It is not safe to swim.

GREEN = The last water sample taken did not show harmful levels of bacteria, but remember that weather or other factors may have changed water quality since then.

Blank = No current sample to report

Elgin-St. Thomas

Routine sampling results for July 24, 2018

Port Bruce GREEN
3360 Imperial Rd.,
Aylmer, ON
Port Burwell (Main beach) GREEN
Haggerman St.,
Port Burwell, ON
Port Burwell (Provincial Park) RED
9 Wilson Ln.,
Port Burwell, ON
Port Glasgow GREEN
8536 Haven’s Lake Rd.,
Rodney, ON
Port Stanley (Main) GREEN
348 Edith Cavell Blvd.,
Port Stanley, ON
Port Stanley (Erie) GREEN
Edith Cavell Blvd.,
Port Stanley, ON
Port Stanley (Little Beach) GREEN
181 Main St.,
Port Stanley, ON
Springwater Conservation Area GREEN
8079 Springwater Rd.,
Aylmer, ON

About beach water testing

Water is tested for E. coli bacteria, which is an indicator that there is fecal contamination present from either animal or human or both.

E. coli, as well as the presence of other disease-causing organisms, can cause intestinal illness or infections of the eyes, ears, nose or throat.

Weather conditions can also adversely affect water quality. If the water is cloudy from rough water or heavy rains, it may have high levels of bacteria for up to two days. The public is advised to consider recent weather conditions when deciding on whether or not to go swimming.

If water results show a public beach is unsafe for swimming, a warning sign is posted at the beach to indicate the water may pose a risk to your health and swimming is not recommended.

The recreational water quality guideline of 200 E. coli per 100 ml of water is set jointly by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care.

For more information visit Southwestern Public Health

Last Updated: Friday, 27 July 2018 15:44:55 PM EST

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