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A Living Wage

St. Thomas, November 2, 2018 - Local business builds a rosier future for our community ~ Join us in recognizing Forest City Castings Inc. as a Living Wage Employer on Monday November 5, 2018 at 12 noon, 10 Highbury Ave S., St. Thomas.

Over half a million people in Ontario make less than a living wage. Yet, paying a living wage is more than just proof of a corporation's core values or the company's support for social justice; it also makes good business sense: It increases retention rates, reduces absenteeism, improves morale and boosts productivity. And upping the spending power of families stimulates the local economy.

Living Wage Employer Program

Living wage employers are leaders amongst their peers. And, in St. Thomas-Elgin, a growing number of forward-thinking employers are supporting the living wage in terms of the benefits it can have for their business and for the health of their workforce. One of those living wage employers is Forest City Castings Inc., a leader in turnkey premium quality castings with a wide range of products that are shipped worldwide. Forest City Castings occupies a local 110,000 sq. ft. facility and employs over 80 full-time employees. Owners Scott McRae and Devin McRae know the importance of supporting their employees and their community by paying a living wage. Forest City Castings joins other progressive businesses in our community, such as Steelway Building Systems and H.D. Painting, in paying at or above the living wage of $16.57 as calculated by Living Wage St. Thomas-Elgin.

The Living Wage Employer Program certifies the organization as a living wage employer and offers recognition for the company's commitment to the community. More information on Living Wage Employer Program is available at www.ontariolivingwage.ca

Celebrating Living Wage Employers is an opportunity to highlight the Living Wage Employer Program and the importance of a living wage to the St. Thomas-Elgin community. Ontario's 30+ living wage communities and 160+ living wage employers are turning a basic idea into a province-wide movement.

Ontario Living Wage Network

A growing number of supporters recognize the living wage as a call to action and an achievable poverty reduction strategy. "We are a network of employers, employees, NGOs, non-profits, and researchers who are championing and showcasing the growing wave of living wage initiatives in every corner of Ontario," says Greg deGroot-Maggetti, Chair of the Ontario Living Wage Network.

To learn more about the St. Thomas-Elgin Living Wage Calculation, visit: www.livingwagestthomas.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Living-Wage-St-Thomas-Elgin-292011204506894/?ref=nf

Last Updated: Friday, 02 November 2018 09:34:21 AM EST

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