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October 20, 2018
Wow … Hard to Believe

In 2014 I ran in the election where all candidates displayed a reasonable level of respect for one another. Here we are in 2018 and I find myself in a hell hole/war zone where candidates running for Deputy Mayor are willing do anything to disrupt your campaign. I have played fair and will continue down that path, however, I feel compelled to share some of my experiences.

Candidate # 1

From the camp of this candidate, I was accused of starting a rumour that two council members were having a fling. The accusation was immediately squashed by the Deputy Mayor as she was very much aware that I had absolutely nothing to do with this issue. This candidate’s brother thought it would be a good thing to run over two of my signs with his grass cutting equipment and go on to brag about it in public. This candidate also enjoys following me and placing signs directly in front of mine … really? This candidate boasts that he purchased 900 signs. I have taken the time to read some and they all say the same thing. They display the name of the candidate and the position he is running for. What the sign fails to express/display is character, personality, honesty, integrity, capability, trustworthiness, ethics, sincerity, morality, fairness … all of which are in question ... and the list goes on. So, this candidate can continue to plant signs but the message doesn’t change. I suppose the strategy is that the most signs in the ground should win the game. He is very proud to state he has been on 27 committees. Understand how committees are established. At the beginning of our four years on council, the mayor selects the people for the various committees. Again, understand that the mayor and the councillor are part of the click and that this councillor is presently on 21 committees … I am on 7. Yes, the mayor is very good at stacking the deck to ensure that he gets adequate votes when attempting to pass bylaws etc.

Candidate # 2

This candidate has followed me to the last three Town Hall meetings I have held in an attempt to interfere. He has been successful. This has become a very serious matter where I have had to get the authorities involved. I am not sure why I have become a target for these men.


I have taken the opportunity to read their brochures and what I find interesting is that I have known both candidates for many years, however, the information they provide suggest that they are so much more than the people I know.


To summarize, I have 27 signs missing, an accusation of starting a serious rumour, signs destroyed, and harassed by a political stalker. Should I be angry or flattered? On the down side, they have been unable to find any dirt on me … why … simply because there is none. For those who attended all candidates meeting you would have learned that I am straight forward and do not hesitate to address the real issues.

The candidates discussed in this letter have several years on council. They are part of the “Old Boys” club … or “The Click.” During the candidates meeting you will note that I stated that the Municipality has no money and that the Divestiture is also in trouble. Well, these two men along with other members put us where we are today. Do we want to continue down this path? I don’t think so.

In closing, regardless of who you are voting for, you need to vote.

Without Change … Nothing Changes!!

Harold Winkworth

Last Updated: Saturday, 20 October 2018 10:24:50 AM EST

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