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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

August 23, 2016
What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

According to info received today from Kettle Creek Authority, the substance in the creek is a “photo sensitive” algae bloom that is not common to this area. It remains low in the creek during the day and rises when the sunlight diminishes. There has been no adverse effects on aquatic species.

John Kenney
Port Stanley

A quote from a movie "what we have here is a failure to communicate"

It appears there has been a fair amount of animosity generated by " the quote". Salvos are being fired from both parties.

What I have been able to interpret; or should I say come to a conclusion from the info is that in the Military it’s called "Chain of Command" or in other professions "Standard Operating Procedures" may not have been followed. I’m positive both parties are familiar with COC/SOP

Enter... the Deputy Clerk. Why is the Deputy Clerk opening mail addressed to a member of Council? Is it within his/her juristriction? Is "screening of mail" a COC or SOP? Now Councillor McNeil stated in his response, ( in which he does admit there is a problem), that he was not made aware of the letter addressed to him, until Mr. Bolt’s letter to the Editor.

I believe both parties should direct their query to the Deputy Clerk and it may be time for Council to review their Standard Operating Procedures within the office environment.

The Movie… Cool Hand Luke.

John Kenney
Port Stanley

Note. I returned from Michigan on Sunday to discover a substance in the creek which I know neither of my neighbours had seen before. One thought it was liquid manure; but during my absents there was insufficient rainfall to cause a runoff. The creek was "browner" than normal and took on the look of "veins" streaking down stream.

I called Kettle Creek Authority and left a message. Monday morning I took samples/photos and waited for a return call, which as of this writing has not been received. I then proceeded upstream to see if I could pinpoint the origin. I came upon a Kettle Creek vehicle which was attempting to do the same. Upon introduction they knew my name and stated another person had called them. They also stated that this was the first they had heard of it; but Central Elgin had been notified on Saturday, samples taken and the MOE was notified and waiting a response. I also had called another member of Council; again I have not received a reply or acknowledgement. I’ll give them both 48 hours. In the mean time we have decided to consume only bottled water until the substance has been identified ( it may be SOPs between agencies also need a review).

Remember Flint

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