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August 19, 2016

The most rewarding part of the job of councillor is the ability to help people. In the past six years I have had the opportunity to assist a large number of my constituents. The next most rewarding part of my job is contributing to a highly functional council that works hard, and takes risks, to get important things done. I chose politics because important things had to happen in Port Stanley.

One significant lesson I have learned, the hard way, is to leave personal disputes alone. Problems between, or among, Central Elgin constituents may have a municipal governance dimension. If they do, they need to be dealt with professionally by the relevant authorities. If these issues must be dealt with politically, they must be handled very carefully by the whole of council.

Mr Bolt may have had “Councillor Ward One” on the envelope. However, once opened by the Deputy Clerk, his correspondence was addressed to: “The Municipality of Central Elgin”. As a public servant for 33 years he should have known that the staff would handle it appropriately based on the subject matter. It was forwarded to the proper authorities and I had no knowledge of the matter, until he had his letter published. On May 25 he was informed thus: “Please note the correspondence you addressed to Councillor Dan McNeil has been sent to ….. and to …. for their consideration and review. I am sure they will respond in a timely manner.” The problem is subjective and not time sensitive. The most significant authority is outside the purview of the municipality. That individual examined the issue and has chosen not to respond to Mr. Bolt.

I like to help people. With the problem Mr. Bolt has raised, he does not need my help, nor would it be appropriate to get directly involved.

Dan McNeil, Councillor Ward One

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