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December 2, 2019

In his letter (Port Stanley...I wonder) Mr. Smith has chosen to provide a litany of what he perceives as drawbacks or failures of the village of Port Stanley. Yep, Port Stanley has its problems, controversies, challenges and issues...who doesn't?

However, "Port" has not one, but two of the nicest beaches on Lake Erie's north shore. "Port" has numerous and varied eating spots...Mackie's, Gt's, the Windjammer, Kettle Creek Inn, Solo's to name some...my apologies to those who didn't make my "off the cuff" list!. The village also has a newly renovated gem of a theatre right in the heart of town, great, affordable entertainment summer and winter. The theatre building houses one of the prettiest library facilities in Southern Ontario. The harbour is looking sharp, the walkway to the lighthouse is a "must do" (in summer!) while in "Port", and the variety of shopping available is a treat. We have an active business group (BIA) and an active citizens group (PSVA) who are making a difference in how the village develops. I should also mention the very involved service organizations...Lions, Lioness, Optimists, Over "55" club. We have numerous art galleries and displays, supported by two active arts groups....Port Stanley Artists Guild and Association of Port Stanley Artists. Volunteers have stepped up to organize weekend long festivals!

To top it off: Port Stanley is home to some of the most friendly, interesting, warm people I've ever met.

So Mr Smith, I hope your comments about "Port" were "tongue in cheek" because if you look past the warts.... you will find a welcoming, attractive, warm community....a great spot for residents, visitors, and retirees alike.

Bob Halle

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