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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters RE: Candidate Harold Winkworth's Bio

September 22, 2018

This is a response from Harold Winkworth to the letter from D. Payne concerning Candidate Harold Winkworth's Bio.

The fifteen bios published in your news feed are well done except for one. Candidate Harold Winkworth's bio is more of a disinformation document.

His first statement that the financial condition of the district of Port Stanley is poor. The Village's financial condition is just fine, and the people who make large financial decisions have been in government for years. There is a solid finance plan in place for the future. Our mayor is an accountant!

  • Upon review of my profile I failed to see where I referenced "Port Stanley's" financial situation. When I write I make reference to the Municipality … not Port Stanley.
  • Could you please give me reference to the information you are referring to in regards to the "solid financial plan?"
  • You stated the Mayor is an accountant. I may be wrong, but I believe your information is inaccurate. To my knowledge, I believe he is a book keeper and operates an income tax business. On that note, I believe the Mayor would be better suited to respond to your comment.

He also states that the council members are unprepared to do their duties and to suggest this is mean spirited and uncalled for. He attacks his fellow councillors serving with him on the current council. This is not good for the council's morale and performance in their day to day jobs.

  • My reason for that statement is that hard working people, pensioners as well as challenged and disabled people are paying our salary. My expectations are that if you are going to represent people and you are accepting their money for your service then simply perform the way a councillor should. Read and review the agendas, research and visit sites/properties if necessary prior to attending meetings. BE PREPARED!

The statement that a "good old boys" club still exists is a statement that is sexist and not true. Our deputy mayor is a woman and there are two female members of the council.

  • My statement "Good Old Boys" means exactly that. I am making reference to men although the comment can be considered gender neutral. Upon reviewing the comment maybe I should have further clarified. I believe it is simply a misunderstanding.

He further states that backroom politics need to go away. What does this mean? Should all councillors quit talking to each other and delay solving problems? This sounds silly, petty and a complaint of an uninformed councilman.

  • In regards to my comment surrounding back room politics I will simply say that it exists. Information needs to be shared with the entire council if you hope to be successful in team building. A Mayor that makes the statement that "it is CAO … Mayor privileged information" is unacceptable.

On Leadership, Winkworth states he was a Ford auto assembler who moved into a management position including Plant Management. No one I've talked to from the Ford plant remembers him as a manager. We need clarification of this statement to be addressed on his website.

  • I revisited my profile and was unable to see that I claimed I worked on the production line at Ford and then moved into Management at the Ford Plant. I do find it interesting that although I did not state in my profile that I worked at Ford, I actually did work there for three and a half years. My career in management was with United Technologies, Del-Tech Metal Products and Oxford Automotive.

His statement that "corruption" exists, if true, should be reported immediately to the powers that deal with corruption!

  • Corruption: definition – dishonesty, unscrupulous, misconduct, wrongdoing, crookedness, sleaze. As I stated, it exist!

Mr. Winkworth has shown to me and others that his attitude toward the Council is not helpful to team building and is divisive. His statements and opinions are not professional and lack "common sense". The Voters will decide.

D. Payne

  • A large part of my supervisory/managerial career consisted of team building. I know the process all too well. Being in a leadership role it is essential that you have the ability to organize and lead teams in various aspects of the operation.
  • In closing, I will discuss the issues that most people find too sensitive to talk about. If we do not address the issues, we will never resolve them. In respect to my attitude I am viewed as a very upbeat person with a very positive attitude. You will note that at the end of my profile I stated that if anyone had an issue with the comments I made then I would certainly entertain the opportunity to further discuss. On that note, you are the only person that has responded and I thank you for taking the time to do so.

Harold Winkworth

Last Updated: Saturday, 22 September 2018 09:43:26 AM EST

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