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October 13, 2018

ABetterElgin.ca was established this summer to help voters in Central Elgin make an informed choice on October 22nd.

Part of our information campaign included asking important questions that we believe deserve answers. Many were displayed prominently on signs across the municipality.

Today, our team noticed one of those signs has disappeared in the vicinity of Port Stanley. Doubtless most are aware they related to the conduct of the incumbent councillor.

While unfortunate and also unlikely the sign's removal is coincidental, we have heard from a large number of local residents of their appreciation that we are holding candidates accountable for unacceptable behaviour.

We wonder if whoever removed the sign intends to keep it as a memento of this campaign.

But lets hope that is the only lingering memento of this campaign and the past four years of this laughable council.

Because the enduring and not soon-to-be reversed legacy of the 2014-2018 council is one of higher taxes, poor accountability, and a regressive operating culture of 'average.'

Your tax bills and ours have gone nowhere but up. Meanwhile very little if any measurable improvement has resulted from the higher prices Mayor Marr and his crew have forced us to pay. Municipal staff act with no regard for our dollars or our concerns when we ask questions.

So in coming to your choice for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and your ward councillor, remember this…

Don't just hope for a better outcome.

Vote for one.

Your wallet and your neighbours will thank you for it.


Kyle Cronk is a registered third-party advertiser in the Municipality of Central Elgin and may be reached at ABetterElgin@gmail.com

"Evil Succeeds When Good Men and Women Do Nothing"

Last Updated: Saturday, 13 October 2018 08:49:28 AM EST

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