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November 8, 2016

Port Stanley residents must be very rich. Our council has just announced an expenditure of more than 17 million dollars to repair our broken sewage system and we haven't heard a pee...p from our taxpayers.

That is more than eight thousand dollars for every person in the village.

Think about that. If you limited yourself to one movement per day and you put a loony in the pot (so to speak) every time you went, it would take you 24 years to pay off the repairs. Add to that the cost of water, regular maintenance, interest etc. and you can see that it will cost more to dispose of food and water than it will be to buy them.

Many people will not be able to afford these costs. They will have to refrain from using the toilet. Eventually, they will bloat up and become politicians. We should look for solutions. How about a lottery that provides the winner with free sewage for a year? Call it Winnie the Poo.

Alternatively, think of this. The lagoons have to be dredged and the material is deposited on farmland in adjacent townships. For much less than 17 million dollars, we could afford to bus people to the farmer's fields and start a direct deposit system. The shittle (sorry, shuttle) bus could run day and night.

Port Stanley residents are inventive and resilient. Are we going to take this 17 million dollar crap sitting down? Never! Bring back the thunder mug, resurrect the outhouse, build latrines, cross your legs....poopers of the world unite against the tyranny of MCE.

Herman Friday

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