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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters My Personal Opinion On The New Prespa Development In Port Stanley

March 7, 2016

My Personal Opinion On The New Prespa Development In Port Stanley, Municipality Of Central Elgin.

This is in response to the proposal of Prespa Construction to build a 9 storey building on William Street. Unfortunally for reasons of personal health I was not able to be present at this past meeting, so in response to some of the friends that missed my presence in this meeting, here is my view on this issue.

In my personal opinion, this development is a DONE DEAL, even though this proposal may not match the original proposal. It was a done deal from day one, when the first meeting took place at the Port Stanley Legion in 2005, where the condos and the Highrise building was presented to the residents of Port Stanley but specifically to the most affected the neighbours of Grimmonds Beach. On that occasion most of the residents of Grimmonds beach opposed the condos and the Highrise building. In that meeting I asked a personal question to who is today our Mayor David Marr, and the question was "Why did the municipal government not purchase that land and keep it as a green space area, and as a parking facility for all the hundreds of summer visitors to the beach and as natural park?" And his answer was very clear to me. "This property now brings in just $2,000.00 dollars in property taxes and when this land is developed can bring in more than $ 300,000.00 dollars in taxes in a year"..., and according to the Prespa proposal, the taxes will be $367,489.00 a year. So, if I jump to a conclusion, and if that is not the case, please accept my most sincere apology, but in my book, this proposal is a DONE DEAL knowing the love our municipal government has for tax money.

Now my question to Central Elgin is, what more do we, the neighbours of Grimmonds Beach have to loose in order to serve the greed of this company and the municipal government? First we lost the land that was part of this neighbourhood since the London Port Stanley railroad decommissioned the railroad service and the land, and for some incredible reason this land was taked from those neighbours, and was awarded to this construction company in order to build this 17 condos. Then we lost our access, view and breeze circulation from the beach, and to the beach, then they installed a solid wood fence between the neighbourhood and the new condos. Then one day I returned from work and found our neighbourhood full of NO PARKING signs (something that was never a problem for anybody in our neighbourhood before), and for some magical reason became a task on the agenda for Central Elgin (creation of the pay parking) , and without reason and real consultation with the neighbours we lost the right to park our cars on the street in front to our houses.

Now the last thing, after all of this, at lease I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, and enjoying some beautiful sunrises from my deck and my kitchen, but now I will have instead a 9 storey, 52 unit apartment building in my back yard, so instead of enjoying my cup of coffee with beautiful sunrises I will be in the shadows of this monstrosity called “Progressive Development of the future of our Community”. In the morning, I will have to fight my way to work with not just the local traffic of my neighbourhood but with the traffic created by all these 52 units, plus the service of the commercial units. Now in the mornings, I will share my cup of coffee with all residents of this building on my little deck or what was at one time, was the privacy of my kitchen.

I would like to ask the Municipal Council, if the residents of Grimmonds Beach are part of this community or not? What will our municipal government do for this neighbourhood and for their residents? What will our Tax money do for us? Will it make our life better in this community, that we supposed are part of. As a long time resident (over 24 years), I find myself and my neighbourhood completely alienated, abandoned, and ignored by the municipal government, and in my personal opinion the worst thing that ever happen to the Community of Port Stanley was the fatal decision of the provincial government to include Port Stanley as part of Central Elgin. I hope that things change in the future, but it will take a great amount of good inclusive work from this actual municipal government to change my personal opinion and maybe the opinion of some other people too.

I would once again like to ask, why this Municipal government cannot purchase this land and keep as the way nature intended. What do we have against nature? Why is greed more important than nature? This town has been growing in the last few years, new subdivisions with beautiful homes have taken roots in our community without creating all these bad feelings and controversy in the neighbourhood, these construction companies that are building these new subdisions, are part of our communities and their work is part of all of us, they share the land where these subdivisions are taking place and the results are great. Now the question is, why in all these years have we never seen one house built by Prespa Construction in the same area or subdivision with any other construction companies that are part of our communities? Prespa Construction is the nastiest and greedest construction company that has ever come to our community. Since 2005 this company has sued many of the neighbours of Grimmonds beach for opposing their developments. Is this a construction company that we want the name of our community associated with? You just take your pick.

Well at the end of all this, I will have to put my money on the side of GREED, and not on the side of a simple relaxing laid back small community that at one time was well known. Good luck Port Stanley, and I hope that you never lose your character of Small Village.

Arturo Martinez
Port Stanley.

Last Updated: Monday, 07 March 2016 13:55:35 PM EST

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