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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters It Seems That The Only News Is Bad News!

March 14, 2018

It's unfortunate, but as humans, we have conditioned ourselves to not express good news with the same enthusiasm as we express bad news, or anything that we disagree with. After all, it's our right to complain, and we do!

Freedom of the press is important in our society, as it should be. But, I too wish there were more positive events being publicised. So, maybe we should make as much of an effort to promote good news as we do to embracing bad news.

I have followed this excellent news source for several years and perhaps collectively we can help to make it a source of well rounded good news as well.

Jim Robbins

Editor's Note - Many of those people that read Port Stanley News may not be aware that I have been involved with Port Stanley News from the very beginning. My opinion is just an observation of what I believe to be true and as far as I can tell, the ratio of positive versus negative stories on a yearly basis hasn't really changed much over the past fourteen years. My opinion of what happens during the seasons seems to cause me the greatest concern, as I believe that in the warmer weather, more positive events seem to happen, versus negative events, and during the colder weather the reverse seems to be true.

A good example of that is during the past couple of weeks there has been only one truly positive event that I covered in our area versus several negative events, and that one event was created because of negative events. It would seem that some people believe that we go out of our way to publish the "Negative News" but that has never been true, and never will. We don't publish fiction, we just publish the news as it happens, be it positive or negative, it's that simple.

Changing this abundance of negative news is more than welcome on my part and I hope to see that day soon when the positive news takes over my pages.

Thank You!

Doug Harvey
Editor, Port Stanley News.com
12 - 301 Carlow Road
Port Stanley, ON
N5L 1B7
Phone: 519-782-7893
Email: editor@portstanleynews.com

Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 March 2018 13:50:42 PM EST

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