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April 12, 2019

Dear Editor,

Is it too much to hope that our newly elected (old) council will begin to show some independence in their deliberations?

For far too long our elected representatives have been enthralled to special interest groups representing only a fraction of the general population.

Council members (including our illustrious "Person of the Year"mayor) belong to these organizations and in order to curry political favour, assure the membership that their pet projects will have their support before they are even presented to council.

This is not even-handed, objective, and unbiased democracy at the local level. This is cronyism at its worst and it happens here in Central Elgin on a daily basis.

Is there a cure for this abuse? There certainly is but it requires more than 40% of the electorate to turn out at the polls on election day and it requires that they vote on something other than their distant family relationship to a candidate, their predisposed political bias or their abysmal ignorance of the issues.

Elected representatives ought to be at arm's length from all special interest groups. They hold office in order to represent the best interests of ALL ratepayers, not just the members of the PSVA, Heritage Port, the BIA or others.

When can we expect independent local government?

Frank and Nancy Prothero.

Last Updated: Friday, 12 April 2019 10:14:20 AM EST

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