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September 2, 2018

We attended council Aug. 27th/18.

Two parties not for change attended. The party that wants change did not attend except for one resident who did not speak as he was not on the agenda. Does this mean the other three families have changed their minds?

This third group appears to have been represented by two members of Central Elgin Council, so maybe they thought they were covered.

Forty - four people signed a petition that they didn't want the name changed no time was given for their thoughts. What has happened to equal representation? Why should four families on this short street be allowed to decide to change a fathers wish to name a street after a daughter? This name has been in place for over 100 years.

Dan McNeil and Sally Martyn said they were not a court and they couldn't decide on the matter at hand about the previous owners family member reputation as the stories were never heard in court. People don't lie about personal abuse to themselves or others. Council had time to do research but chose not to as some had already made up their mind to go forward with the name change.

We have a great EMS service now why make changes to confuse an issue that doesn't exists.

We live and breath history at our house we even serve it for dessert so let's keep our history of the Mitchell family intact.

Frank and Nancy Prothero

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