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May 3, 2018

Have you had the phone calls stating "we've been monitoring your credit cards and you could be eligible for a zero percent interest rate"?

I have on numerous occasions and normally I just hang-up, knowing it's a scam. So the other day I decided to press "one". Low and behold a woman came on asking which credit card, Visa or Master Card?

I said since you have been monitoring my card(s) you tell me, I was disconnected. The next day the same call. This time a man responded. This time I said my Master Card. He asks me my current balance. I say since you have been monitoring my card(s) then you should know my balance. Again disconnected. It's a total scam, as I had already assumed.

My 88 year old Mother-in-Law who had just returned home from a lengthly hospital stay due to an accident had a call regarding her debit card. Fortunately she could not remember the access number (and I can't believe she would fall for it) because she is as sharp as a filleting knife; but then again it just shows that all it takes is a weak moment, and they got you.

It seems that there is a new twist every day. Just remember Canada Revenue, (I've had that call also), your Bank, Credit Card provider or any other service that you subscribe to will not contact you requesting personal information. They already have it.

John Kenney
Port Stanley

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