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September 11, 2019

After reading Doug Harvey's editorial and the Prothero's response regarding high water levels it appears that Council has had their usual "knee jerk" reaction. Has all of a sudden strong winds commenced coming from a southern direction? Has there not been cycles of high water in past years (decades)?

Shoreline erosion is a constant occurrence. All of a sudden structures near the lift bridge are on the front burner and were water levels factored in when building permits were issued whether recently or years gone by? I've watched the tugs bob up and down during high winds. I believe the installation of Hofhuis Park has had an effect of channelling the wave surge upstream, whereas before that area had a buffering effect.

A number of years ago before the current high water levels, after a long cold Winter and the Creek broke, there, upon our sea wall was a huge ten inch thick slab of ice. At that time the water level was substantially lower, in fact my "floating" dock required an 8 steps stringers to get down onto the dock from the sea wall. Three or four years ago the water level started to rise and last year I had to purchase two 3 step stringers to build steps to get up onto my 8 step to go down to the dock. This year I'm using my 3 steps to get down onto the dock.

We all remember the damage done by the most recent flood in 2018. Lion's Landing, for example had expensive repairs to infrastructure. Stan's has water stains up the walls and an excavator was required to remove debris south of the bridge. Put this barrier in and flooding may be a yearly event no matter what the water level. Remember this barrier is to restrict water surges from the lake; it will also restrict water exiting the harbour. For every action there is a reaction. There is no guaranty that water levels will remain for the immediate future but will fluctuate as it has since the lakes were formed. Once this breakwater is installed, it's there for good and we are $600,000.00 out of pocket. I say $600,000 because what in CE has not been over budget? Take for example the two new structures south of the Municipal Offices, have we ever heard the final cost and look at the new Fire Hall having $800,000.00 added for GEO therm heating/cooling even before a shovel is in the ground (supposedly that was to happen last November). This new structure will not be occupied on a constant bases in the immediate and far into the future.

I do not have an answer to the "crisis" that CE perceives, but when water levels recede to normal levels and after CE has dumped all that money into the harbour all we will have will be a new perch for the gulls and probably more problems.

Without Prejudice
John Kenney
Port Stanley

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 09:01:32 AM EST

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