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by Doug Harvey
Port Stanley Aspirations

Some say that a new year brings hope for a better tomorrow. I used to believe that for the longest time, but as I get older I find that many of those beliefs just don't follow through.

This year's weather around the holidays for instance has been really strange. Winter is more like fall than what I can remember when I was a little younger, ha, ha. Christmas was a time when the ground had a blanket of snow to be enjoyed with sleds and toboggans, but that doesn't seem to be the case much anymore. All those changes just makes me believe that climate change is more real than I can imagine.

I can honestly say that those choices to travel from coast to coast to coast to see what Canada was really like is still embedded firmly in my imagination. I'm forever grateful for those everlasting images of British Columbia's majestic old growth forests, coastline glaciers and whales, and best of all those incredible Rockies. I could go on revealing my adventures, but excuse me, I'm sorry for rambling.

I came across the above picture the other day from December 25, 2004, that's from fifteen years ago. Remember that old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" well I'm not that good but I'll give it a try.

It's obvious that the weather is cooler, with snow on the ground, floating ice in Kettle Creek and that the picture was taken before the Port Stanley Harbour Divestiture. A fast look at this picture seems to bring out an impression that the area is or was successful because of the Timesaver 11 rig parked in the harbour for the winter, an operating company called Omstead Foods with a parked semi-trailer for deliveries, a rather large operating grain elevator facility, and a dome storage facility further south.

Today after fifteen years, a lot has changed when I take in the same field of view, even the impression that one gets. There's no ice in the harbour, no Timesaver 11 rig, no grain elevator facility, no dome storage, no Transport Canada sign to block your view, and plenty and I mean plenty of parking space.

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