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Crime Watch

PC Troy Carlson, OPP

Generally speaking you will need to take your Criminal Records Check application to the police service in the area that you reside.

For example, a resident of Elgin County could take their application to the Elgin County OPP. A resident of the City of St.Thomas would take their Criminal Records check to the St.Thomas Police Service. The main reason for this is that the police service where you reside typically holds the pertinent local police records.

Bringing your criminal records check to a police service other than where you reside most likely won't be accepted. The main reason for this is the fee/funding structure and the resources used to conduct the check. If you have moved within the last five years, then the police service where you currently reside will process your criminal records check. They will also contact the police service where you previously resided for a check of their records. This process increases the time it takes to complete and return the criminal records check.

When requesting a Criminal Records checks through the Elgin County OPP the following applies:

You must reside in the Elgin OPP's Policing jurisdiction. Criminal Record checks are free to those applying for volunteer positions. A fee of $25 (payment must be made is cash; visa or debit is not accepted) is charged for those requiring criminal record checks for other purposes such as employment.

Two pieces of identification must be provided to verify the identity of the applicant, one of which must be photo identification (eg. Drivers licence, Passport). Health cards are not accepted due to the amount of personal information (non-police) attached to the card.

Applicants without photo identification should have a Notary Public, Canadian Consulate Official or Judge complete an Affidavit of Identity form.

Any applicant under the Age of 16 must have parental consent.

The following types of identification are acceptable: Drivers licence, Government Employment Card, Age of Majority Cards, Military Employment Cards, Canadian Citizenship Card, Indian Status Card, International Student Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Firearms Possession and Acquisition licence, Outdoors Card, Canadian Blood Donor Card, and Immigration Papers.

Criminal Record checks are not a same day service and depending on the volume of requests and complexity of the requests, a Criminal Records check can take up to two weeks to be completed.

Last Updated: Sunday, 17 January 2010 12:06:46 PM EST

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