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by Doug Harvey
Midnight Madness Review

"Midnight Madness" by Dave Carley is about what happens when two old high school friends meet, reminisce about their unforgettable experiences from years before, and finally realize that they have a lot in common, including sexual attraction. After fifty years, Bloom's Furniture is closing and with the chance meeting taking place in the last hours of a final clear out sale, and a need for a bed, this play has all the right ingredients including, a part-time chaperon.

With performances by Jeff Culbert as Mr. Bloom, that interruptive voice from the speaker on the wall, Scott Garland as Wesley, the lonely bed salesman looking for his last sale, Madeleine Donohue as Anna, the single mother, now a lawyer looking for a bed for her new apartment. With the ending having a gratifying climax, and the audience at a it's judge, a standing ovation was the final tribute for tonight's performance of "Midnight Madness".

Credit for the performance of "Midnight Madness" goes out to Artistic Director Simon Joynes for an outstanding job, also to Erica Morey as stage manager, and Cassidy Gallant as apprentice assistant stage manager. Credit also goes to Eric Bunnell for a truly realistic set design, Karen Crichton for the lighting design, Alex Amini for costume design, and a special thanks goes out to Wendy's of St. Thomas as show sponsor.

"Midnight Madness" runs from August 16th to September 2nd, 2017, and it's a show that you will want to remember the next time you reminisce about high school!


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