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by Doug Harvey
Halfway There Review

"Halfway There", written by Canada's most produced playwright Norm Foster, and directed by Port Stanley Festival Theatre's Artistic Director Simon Joynes, is a warm-hearted play about a doctor trying to escape a breakup that ends up in Stewiake, Nova Scotia, a town whose claim to fame is that it is exactly halfway between the North Pole and the equator.

Every day after 4:00pm three women gather at Junior's Café for coffee with their friend and waitress Janine (Daniela Vlaskalic). Together Vi (Marcia Tratt), Rita (Liz Gilroy) and Mary Ellen (Sarah Gale) update each other on their private lives and the days town gossip. What gets interesting is the arrival a young, handsome new doctor Sean (Andy Pogson), who will take over the town's regular doctor's practice for a month while he's on vacation. What makes Sean an interesting mark is that he just got dumped by his fiancée in Toronto, and one of the reasons why could have something to do with his ability to dance.

Of the four ladies only Rita is available and more than willing. Mary Ellen is married with children, Vi has been living with a man for nine years and Janine lives with Bradley, who is gone most of the time working out west. Sean after meeting all the ladies is attracted to Janine, but Janine shows no interest in Sean and seems to be quite content with her own love life. Sean tries new approaches to date Janine but all plans become town gossip except for one which stays a secret to the end. Along the way the audience will be captivated by a combination of chemistry of the actors, quick delivery of some great witty dialogue, and a comfortable ambience of the surrounding set which will deliver an outstanding performance that will keep the audience glued to their seats waiting for more. The show ended with a standing ovation offered as reward for a delightful production of love finally realized by Norm Foster.

"Halfway There" was dedicated to the Memory of Gary Vedova.

Tony Sclafani did an outstanding job on the set design for this production. Credit goes to Karen Crichton for the lighting design, Jory McLean as stage manager, Zach Grosh as apprentice assistant stage manager, and Port Stanley's Kettle Creek Inn as show sponsor.

"Halfway There" runs from June 6th to June 30th, 2018, and it's the show that you will want to remember the next time you think of visiting Stewiake, Nova Scotia.


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