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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  News Public Meetings and Planning Applications for Monday, August 28, 2017


by Doug Harvey

Public Meetings for Planning Applications

The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin

Committee of Adjustment

1. 12:25 p.m. - CEP 46-17 Application for a Minor Variance No. COA 17_17 - Carleen Dolmage, 151 Wintermute Court, Lot 18, 34M-689 - The applicant is proposing to construct a new deck on the back of the existing residential dwelling, the proposed deck will be setback 5.98 meters from the rear lot line, whereas the Zoning By-law requires a deck to be setback 9 meters from the rear lot line.

Fiona Roberts commented that she had gone out and looked at the property. She thought that the deck would be "Very Close" to the adjacent property line. If you're going to build a house, build it to the lot, and take it into consideration that people will want to build structures on that lot. She also asked Mr. McCoomb if there was anything that could be done. Mr. McCoomb said that in most new subdivisions, the lot sizes are getting a little smaller, but the ones in Belmont are still very generous. A member of the public who lives in the area also had some concerns about lot sizes saying that "Build a house that fits the lot, don't change the lot to fit the house". The Requested Variance was Granted.

2. 12:35 p.m. - CEP 40-17 Application for a Minor Variance No. COA 16-17 - Karl Lewis and Fanny Yeager, 188 Charles Street - The applicants are proposing to construct a 3.19 meters x 9 meters carport on the northerly side of the existing residential dwelling. The Requested Variance was Granted.

Plan of Subdivision

1. 12:45 p.m. - Little Creek Phase 3 Public Meeting for Approval of a Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Platinum Development - Old Field Extension - The proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision is located east of East Road and north of Old Field Lane. The proposed development encompasses 3.90 hectares (9.64 acres) of land and provides for the development of 42 units for single-detached dwellings. Access to the site will be provided via an extension of Old Field Lane northerly, which will then connect to East Road.

Comments were brought up from a local resident concerned about grading in the area and wondered if the grading plan was available to the public. He said that there seems to be quite a difference in elevations in the rear yards, and was wondering if that would be changed or left that way. He also had concerns with the space between homes on lots 41 and 42 of this new plan and lot sizes wondering if the lot sizes could be changed. A representative of Donwest Custom Homes said that the plans for the subdivision were drawn up years ago by the previous developer, and we can't change them. The concerned resident also asked if there was any opportunity still available to pursue a change to the plan. Mr. Leitch said that concerns made in writing to County Council Planning Staff could be presented and they would make recommendations to the conditions of the plan if needed.

The Public Meeting was then concluded, and the Actions of Council on the Proposed Plan of Subdivision will be considered at a future meeting of Council.

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