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Public Meeting - Drains

Monday, September 11th, 2017 at 7:10 p.m.


1. 7:10 p.m. - Norman and Small Drains

Norman Drain 2017 Report - In May 2017, the Municipality of Central Elgin received a request, in the form of a written letter, from Dowler-Karn Ltd. (3-K Leasing Ltd.) to relocate the Norman Drain ditch on their property, 43841 Talbot Line. They requested an Engineer be appointed under Section 78 of the Drainage Act.

On May 23, 2017, under Council Resolution 253-17, the Municipality appointed Kenn Smart, P. Eng. of K. Smart Associates Limited to prepare two reports under Section 78, one for the Norman Drain and one for the Small Drain to provide for the requested reconstruction.

The relocation is necessitated by the desire to expand the commercial activity existing on the property. The Norman Drain 2017 will be that part of the Norman Drain that is reconstructed by this Report and it extends from the south limits of Hwy 3 to within 30m of the west property line of the 3-K Leasing Ltd. property.

The construction work of this report work will also result in 120m± (400 feet±) of the Small Drain being replaced/enlarged and changed in status from the Small Drain to the Norman Drain.

A summary of the proposed drain work is:

  • Excavating 800m± of new 2-stage ditch.
  • Replacing 50m of the Norman West Drain (included in the 800m).
  • Replacing/filling in 100m of the Small Drain (included in the 800m).
  • Improving a further 20m± of existing Small Drain and making it part of the Norman Drain.
  • Removal and disposal of two existing crossings; one on the Norman Drain and one on the Norman West Drain.
  • Relocation of one existing culvert in the replaced Small Drain channel to the south of the new Norman Drain buffer area.
  • Filling in 490m± of existing Norman Drain/Norman West Drain.
  • Construction of four temporary rock sediment traps.
  • Placement of 600m² of riprap at bends, etc.
  • Planting of tallgrass prairie on new channel banks and buffers
  • Providing for intercepted surface and subsurface drainage

The estimated cost of the project is $383,000.

The watershed draining to the relocation is approximately 762 hectares (1,883 acres). The total length of channel work in this report is 820m (the length of old channel being filled is 590m and this length is not included in the 820m).

The watershed for maintenance of the Norman Drain across and downstream of Hwy 3 (Talbot Line) is approximately 1,134.2 ha (2,803 acres).

3-K Leasing Ltd. and 464895 Ontario Ltd. (Dowler-Karn Ltd.) properties are to be assessed all costs.

Future maintenance costs, when incurred on the relocated Norman Drain (Norman Drain 2017) on the 3-K Leasing Ltd. property, are also to be assessed solely to the 3-K Leasing Ltd. and 464895 Ontario Ltd. properties.

Small Drain 2017 Report - The estimated cost of this report is $6,900. All costs are to be assessed to 3-K Leasing Ltd. (Dowler-Karn Ltd. property). The watershed for future maintenance of the Small Drain is approximately 197.4 hectares (488acres).

The Small Drain was originally constructed in accordance with an Engineer's Report dated August 28, 1905.

It was reconstructed in accordance with a further Engineer's Report dated February 6, 1962.

The Small Drain was last reconstructed in accordance with a Report by A. J. DeVos, P. Eng. (A. M. Spriet & Associates Ltd.) dated April 12, 1971 (Bylaw No. 2168)1. It commenced at the end of the Norman Drain in the N½ Lot 12, Concession 8 and continued southerly to just north of Road Cons 7-8, and consisted of 4,800' (1,463m) of open ditch. On October 16, 2007 a further Report to revise the maintenance schedule was prepared by J. R. Spriet, P. Eng. (Spriet Associates). This new Schedule of Assessment for Maintenance for the Small Drain recognized changes to property boundaries, municipal boundaries and the revised watershed limits.

The 2007 Schedule of Assessment for Maintenance included two Block Assessments, one for the built-up areas (residential properties) and small properties in the Municipality of Central Elgin and the other for all affected City of St. Thomas lands and roads.

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