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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters What is it with pit bulls?

April 29th, 2017

Warren street attack. I read with dismay. What is it with pit bull owners? Everyone knows there is something there. It may be deep in the dogs psyche or near the surface. It may surface rarely, but it somehow/somewhere does. Some say it's all how there're trained. Would someone train them to aggressively attack? I think not. But it's in them. I don't take wide walk around a collie or retriever, I do if it appears to be a pit bull type. Laws should be enacted. Oh, we can't ban them, but we could make their attacks on humans or other pets a much more serious offence. Is it OK to carry a stick of dynamite?

If you own, carry, lead or allow out (on purpose or accidental) a breed which has been shown to be dangerous, then serious charges can be brought against you if an attack occurs.

Battery, malicious assault, assault with intent, possession of a dangerous animal.

Is there something about a pit bull owner? There's something there that someone better trained than I might explain.

I like cars - But there are laws about what is allowed
I like boats - But there are laws about what is allowed.
I like dogs - But there should be laws about what is acceptable


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