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September 15, 2017
Sign Bylaw

Central Elgin is preparing to enact a by-law, yet again to take away the rights of free speech and to infringe on property rights.

They plan to band all signage on private properties. Plus and then charge a fee if you get permission to put up a sign, they are outta control…….

This has been in the agenda for several years and directed at highbury and wellington road……..so they say.

But its all of Central Elgin, rest assured given the track record of this council they will again attack each and everyone of us, taking away our rights.

The attached by-law needs to be stopped and you need to speak out,

If you are in this email you have reason for concern. The Mayor of Central Elgin is once again dictating his views upon the citizens because he doesn’t like what signage is saying.

We need to stop him, its your right to speak, promote your business, show dislike for decisions that council or boards make such as schools boards, conservation authorities, municipal boards, etc.

Don’t let them pass this by-law without your input.

Express your opinion.

Send an email to Shelly Steffler, David Marr, Don Leitch , email your councillors, …..call, …..send a letter,…. do something.

This needs to be stopped.

Get on the list … to challenge this.

Your rights are at stake….

Tell this to everyone that you know, uses or could use a sign to promote their cause.

Thank you
Kyle Cronk

Last Updated: Friday, 15 September 2017 16:47:54 PM EST

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