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December 8, 2017

Thanks to the Port Stanley News for hosting this discussion of the issue of residential development adjacent to George Street through your letters column. We emphatically deny the assumption that all development or any development will automatically make Port Stanley a better place to live. Bigger is not necessarily better.

By adding roughly twenty per cent to the population of the village at one fell swoop, we can be assured of more traffic problems, a good deal of disruption during the construction process, a more impersonal community, a greater strain on our infrastructure and one step closer to a rat race. Anybody who thinks the George Street development will lower municipal taxes is placing a long bet on a short horse.

There is no doubt that the subdivision will go ahead with or without comments in this newspaper. The developers want to make money and council will rubber stamp it. The residents will be invited to a public meeting where they will be able to view plans and drawings of a development that will be as bland as all the other ones in Ontario.

Forty years ago, long before amalgamation, a Korean company attempted to establish a recycling plant for used lubricants and other chemicals on the polluted property directly east of the proposed development we are discussing. There was some support from those who saw jobs and tax relief in the project. It would have been a disaster for the village. A group calling themselves PURE fought successfully to have the plant rejected. A young man named Dave Marr got a taste of municipal politics as a result. Bill Koscis, who owned the farmland on George Street was another leader of PURE. Due to the existing pollution at the former Dominion Gas site, Koscis was prohibited from building houses on much of his land.

In those days we enjoyed a Port Stanley council that conducted their business in chambers where they could be seen and heard and there were many times when there was a great deal to be heard.

Those days are over. We grew larger. Are we any better? Only if you buy the arguments of the land developers, profiteers and politicians hook, line and sinker.

Thank you for the opportunity to express our views.

Frank and Nancy Prothero.

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