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October 25, 2018

OK Sally … Impress Us.

You managed to convince just under 25% of the Municipality of Elgin to vote for you. Not an overwhelming show of confidence but enough to get you into the lead chair.

Please take the following into consideration when carrying out the position of Mayor:

  • 1. We are not stupid. The decisions/actions of the previous 8 years were not done in a vacuum. While blame may have been levied at other actors in the Council theatre, you shared the stage and played your part – mia culpa.
  • 2. Play fair. Personal agendas are not best suited to serving the municipality. If they were, the vote count would have been significantly higher. Equally consider and acknowledge all sides/parties to each situation.
  • 3. Get the facts. Accept that you do not know everything and take the time to get the information or find the people who can deliver it. Winging it through false bravado or presenting opinions as certainties has never worked in your favour previously. The internet loves fact checkers.
  • 4. The rules are there for a reason. This should be self-evident but historically people seem to bend them to personal advantage. A code of conduct should not be required. Of course, neither it nor the resulting consequences for deviance should be ignored either.
  • 5. Lead by example. Campaign rhetoric such as recusing one's self due to conflict of interest should be remembered going forward. Previous infractions aside, why supply future candidates with obvious talking points?
  • 6. Do not be arrogant. Never, under any circumstances, believe that being elected to the position of Mayor somehow makes you superior to any other citizen of this community. That would be a huge mistake.

These simple points should lead to a successful Mayoral term, so for the sake of Elgin, good luck.

Kathy Smith

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 October 2018 09:56:17 AM EST

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