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December 22, 2017

Negative Vexatious Comments From Your News WEB-PAGE FOR MANY MANY MANY MONTHS.

I am a resident of Port Stanley for over six years. Why are you trying to besmirch our council?.

Are you or anyone on your editorial staff running for office?

If you have someone doing that, this it is unfair treatment with your WEB-PAGE (bully pulpit) that no other candidate has.

Please be a fair journalistic outlet, and cease and desist the unfair coverage that has lasted months and months outlining bad and focused coverage on how bad our council is.(ie) Vexatious.

We the majority of Port Stanley are very pleased with the progress of our village in the last five years.

Please publish this letter in your Port Stanley News WEB-PAGE

Payne Kipp

Editor's Note

Dear Payne Kipp,

As Editor of Port Stanley News, I will try to clear up some common misconceptions about content in the letters section that many people seem to have. All content in the letters section is from readers just like you that seem to have something to say about something good or bad in our community. All I do is just make it available for people to read.

As to the length of time that content stays visible on any page, well that depends on how much interest that particular content generates, and how much content is received from the readers.

As to me trying to besmirch our council?. Well I'm sorry, I just can't take credit for that, because they sometimes do an excellent job of that all by themselves.

Are you or anyone on your editorial staff running for office? Sorry, no one's running for any political office!

A fair journalistic outlet, and unfair coverage. Well this "Vexatious" topic has come up several times, and all the readers that write in seem to think that this was something that should not be happening, and if someone did write in supporting this kind of treatment to the public, well I would have made that available too. You see everyone has an opinion, a thought, or a statement, and Letters to the Editor is only a place where people just like you go public.

So Payne Kipp thanks for the content, and no I won't take all the credit for keeping this "Vexatious" topic going on the front page.

Doug Harvey,
Editor, Port Stanley News.com

Last Updated: Friday, 22 December 2017 17:22:48 PM EST

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