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February 10, 2019

We do have a solution to our waste problem. All one has to do is to look to Sweden. Here is a small country, with little space for landfills yet Sweden imports waste from neighboring countries and less than 1 percent of waste ends up in landfill. How do they do it?

Recycling plays a major part in Sweden when dealing with the waste stream. Organic waste is composted and the methane released as part of the process is captured and used as biogas to fuel 200 buses, waste collection trucks and taxis. What is left after the recycling process is completed, is incinerated in high tech incinerators which produces economical electricity for their grid and waste heat is used to heat public buildings. The small amount of toxic waste left from the incineration process is buried deep inside an abandoned mine away from ground water or wildlife. CO2 is released from the combustion of waste, however the amount of CO2 released is substantially less than the amount of the more harmful methane that would be produced if the waste was landfilled.

All that is needed here in Canada is to distract Katherine McKenna, our Minister of Earth, Wind and Sky from her obsession over CO2 to the issue of our burgeoning landfill waste. A workable solution is readily available.

Harvey Easton
Port Stanley

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