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September 27, 2017

A recent application to the Committee of Adjustment for a "Minor Variance" for an addition brought back memories from years ago of an announcer at a television station in Erie PA. The gentleman would say at the end of so many commercials "we'll be back in a moment". You might say what is the correlation between "minor/moment"; well think about it. What would you consider a Minor and a Moment? I consider a Moment to mean a short timeframe and a Minor as a small deviant from the norm.

I do not classify 8.1 feet as a Minor Variance; but the application was "granted". Currently in Port Stanley according to Zoning By-law 1507 a setback of 25 feet is required from the front lot line; but as far I'm concerned that is now moot. It definitely sets a precedence not only for that street but possibly numerous others within the jurisdiction.

As for the "moment", I spoke about, well I timed it. It was precisely 4 minutes.

John Kenney
Port Stanley

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