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October 2, 2019

This was International Day of Older Persons and I never felt a thing but it got me to thinking, which is dangerous.

We need someone to put together two of the most serious problems we experience here in our “quaint little fishing village”

First off, we have a traffic problem. Secondly, the population is getting older by the minute.

We need wider sidewalks for elderly people who are struggling along with their canes, stretchers, walkers and crutches. Take into account that half these people are tanked up on geritol (not always the medicinal variety) and you can see we need much more space for us older folks.

The motorized carts for the handicapped are seen everywhere but soon we will all be riding them and with thousands of them on the streets, we will have to have special designated lanes. What is left of the streets will be used up by ambulances and funeral processions.

So you can see that traffic planning has some pretty serious issues to consider. On the positive side, most of the traffic of the future will be concentrated in a very small area comprising the Medical Centre, the old folks home, the pharmacy and the LCBO.

In celebration of the International Day forOlder Persons, perhaps we can come up with some solutions for the immediate future because the future ain’t much longer than the immediate.

Herman Friday.

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