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March 1, 2018


Readers of the excellent Port Stanley News are invited to invest in a new business venture that promises huuuuge returns.

F.U. Promotions is about to launch a new line of T-shirts and posters featuring memorable quotes from the Ward One Councillor from Port Stanley. The posters and T-shirts will be highlighted by a prominent middle finger--upright-- and the slogan F.... You.

Both of these items will be popular in the summer months and at election time. The slogan, while offensive to a very, very few, have been endorsed heartily by Mayor Marr and the members of the Council of Central Elgin and, apparently, by the citizens of Port Stanley who have not voiced the tiniest objection to the conduct of Dan McNeil.

F.U. Inc. has stated they expect immediate and huuuuge profits from this venture. Proceeds will be donated to a fund to be used to restore decorum and decency to our public proceedings.

Thank You.
CEO F.U. Promotions
Herman Friday.

Last Updated: Thursday, 01 March 2018 09:13:22 AM EST

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