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November 7, 2018

The winter travel season which is the biggest money pot of the year for airlines, hotels and resorts, will soon be upon us and with it an endless list of people who have been cheated, misled, overcharged, and frustrated beyond belief.

One of the chief culprits in this annual fiasco are the third party providers that go under names such as Orbitz (read the reviews), Expedia (read the reviews), cheapo.Com (read the reviews), booking.com. (read the reviews). If you want to spend a winter vacation embroiled in futile efforts to get the flights or services you paid for, or a refund, from corporations that don't even have a 'Contact Us' on their web site, just sign up with these inconsiderate crooks.

It may be more work, but try this. Naturally, you want to fly to Florida for a vacation in late January. You google that and find hundreds of options. When you find one that suits you, contact the airline directly and make your booking with them without going through the 3rd party robbers. Sometimes you will pay a premium. More often not. The same applies to car rentals, hotels, site-seeing tours etc. By booking directly, you eliminate one level of bureaucracy and expense but, more importantly, you have avoided those leaches who pray upon both you and the merchant at the other end of the line. If you think you have purchased some level of security by booking with the 3rd party providers, just read the reviews.

Have a happy holiday.
Herman Friday.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07 November 2018 08:33:55 AM EST

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