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May 15, 2019

Well, Heritage Port Stanley is back at its old tricks of trying to get council (Regular Meeting of Council May 13th, 2019) to approve their blueprint of what and how Port Stanley should look like. Years ago they somehow managed to get our council to pay ($30,000) for their study for a "Heritage Conservation District ". But, when people actually read the final report and saw how draconian and narrow minded it was, and thought about how they would be affected, they were rightfully upset.

To refresh your memory and to those new to town, the report basically took most of the central part of the village including Colborne Street under Heritage Port Stanley’s control, and in doing so said that the outside of your home (front and side seen from the street) could not be changed. So, if you needed a new roof, it had to be the same material, new windows, doors or siding; same rules. You want to change the colour of your home, repave your driveway with a different material you needed their approval. Do you think your front garden was safe? No, they got to approve the appropriate plants for your home’s age. Now you understand why people were upset.

Talk about taking away your right to enjoy your home.

Heritage Port Stanley then scaled down the affected area, I suppose they thought that less buildings (fewer homeowners) equal less opposition, but you can understand that a historical church within the new boundaries, that has aluminium sliding might not be able to afford to remove and replace or repair the underlying wood siding And the cost of new wooden windows might be beyond their means...let alone the upkeep of painting the building every five years or so. Churches still have a few members, and talk about a nest of angry hornets! Heritage Port Stanley said aluminium sliding was O.K. after all.

Council rightfully let the matter die, and instead they focused on making our town better for its residents and visitors. The grain silos are gone, old worn out houses/cottages have been replaced with new homes, cottages have been given new life with bright colours, metal roofs and whimsical nick-knacks, we have a park where waterfront once was – none of these things, and so much more would not have happened or would have been delayed if Heritage Port Stanley had its way.

Port Stanley is booming and is getting better day-by-day, not because of a "Heritage Conservation District" but because of the residents and council who keep our town beautiful.

Now, Heritage Port Stanley has raised this despised report once again at the latest council meeting. Their main reason for doing so was "that there are new people in charge". They also suggested that Council pass an interim control by-law under Section 38 of the Planning Act that would control these properties during the deliberation period thereby prohibiting any land use activity while a study or review of land use policies in any specific area is underway.

Heritage Port Stanley is a local club...not an arm of the local government. They have no more rights than you or I, just a loud voice and bullyboy tactics.

Heritage Port Stanley appears to want to turn back the clock, lock our town down to the way THEY remember it...create a time capsule. Change is enviable they cannot stop it - everything has a life span. Heritage Port Stanley should not be given the power to take away our right to make decisions concerning our homes. If they want control and a say over my home – BUY IT (if it were for sale – and it’s not).

Elizabeth Hudson

Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 May 2019 14:29:58 PM EST

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