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January 29, 2017
Harbour business plan

It would seem that some of the latest news articles on the harbour have raised some interesting questions. I for one agree that after sitting thru public meetings and listening to all the rhetoric, this council owes the public a audited account as to what has gone on over the last 6 yrs.

Do we still pay a harbour master? How much wharfage to we collect now? How much are the hydro bills? What are the maintenance bills to look after the harbour now? Where does all this money come from? I see crews out there all the time. How much does the insurance cost?

We hear bits and pieces and read articles thru council but you never really get a handle on this stuff. We all know what we have spent to date with buying the elevators and pot ash huts and properties all from interest made to date but the elephant in the room of coarse is McAsphalt.

It makes no sense to allow it to be right smack dab in the middle of everything that is going on down there. If a nine story condo building on William street was out of character for the area McAsphalt sure fits that bill.

I am by no means an accountant but with making some assumption's {which is always dangerous} I figure it will cost a t least $680,000.00 in revenues to maintain this harbour per year when all is said and done.

One can only hope that this council does all the right things because you know what! The likelihood of any of them being around in 2030 is pretty slim.

John L Bolt.

Last Updated: Sunday, 29 January 2017 09:09:36 AM EST

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