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January 31, 2018

What a shame that a 100+ year history of Mitchell Heights has now been terminated. Why? We do not know. When Central Elgin council announced, not once, but twice, that there had been NO confusion in response to an ER call, between Edith St and Edith Cavell, this discussion should have been null and void.

As 45 yr old family residents in this neighbourhood, we can attest that there have been no serious incidents regarding the confusion of this street name. Why did the residents of Edith St continue to pursue a name change, a name that now, is not even their 1st choice? Confusing? yes.

There should be no reference to the Lombardos' of Mitchell Heights, no matter the prefix. A name that we do not want as our address, a name that we will now have to reference on a daily basis, a name that will only reopen old wounds to Heights' residents affected by this name. Poor research by residents and council. Poor decision.

Tom and I would like to thank the residents of Port Stanley who listened and supported our cause to save Edith St. Unfortunately our research, documentation and petition fell on deaf ears and was not made public following our initial delegation. Why? We do not know. With all the new changes to Port Stanley our only hope was to preserve a little history of Mitchell Heights and to keep Edith St alive. Once a friendly 5 home street, far removed from Edith Cavell and the village, we are now a neighbourhood divided. How sad. A 120 yr old heritage is now gone, and yet to my knowledge 3 of the persons involved in this decision, participate in trying to save and maintain much of Elgin County's History. Confused? So are we.

Pam Hill and Tom Richards-Edith St residents

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