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April 30, 2017

On the subject of dog attacks I can offer a little insight. As I have mentioned in this paper before my wife and I walk everyday along with a friend. On one particular day we came upon a person walking her dog and I said to my friend you had better get over here comes that dog, so we proceeded to get off the sidewalk and give this person and her dog the right of way. This dog was large and even on its leash was hard to control and as we walked by it jumped out and bite my friend on the hand drawing blood. To say he was angry was an understatement and he went thru the whole protocol of the doctor visit and the likes and then contacted the animal control officer to complain and have his complaint taken to council to have this dog muzzled and perhaps a Bylaw put in place.

He asked me to accompany him to council as the animal control officer brought up the case which I did. During the proceedings our ward one representative made comment that he knew this dog and it was just fine he would let his grandchildren play with him. At that time we were made to feel like criminals and even the doctors report was brought into question. With an attitude like this on council what else would you expect from this council. How hard is it to put forward a resolution to bring forward a Bylaw to have all animals muzzled in public spaces. No one should walk down any sidewalk in town and fear for their safety.

My daughter lives in Sarnia where they have such a Bylaw and I walk with her and her dog all the time and no one there seems to mind it one bit. Just saying!

John L Bolt.

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